The Hotel: S01E08 – Damson in Distress

Observational Documentary set in the Damson Dene Hotel in the Lake District

Trouble is brewing as manager Wayne clashes with his assistant, Marta. Marta was the acting manager until Wayne was hired a year ago, and their relationship was problematic almost from the outset. Now their dislike for one another has reached the stage where hotel owner Jonathan is forced to get involved. Things come to a head when Wayne pushes Jonathan to decide which of them should go if they can’t tolerate working under the same roof. Can Jonathan mend the fences or will a vacancy at one of his other hotels provide the only solution? Elsewhere, Jonathan hopes another of his couplings is more successful – this time in the hotel’s pigsty. He’s brought in a boar to impregnate the hotel’s resident herd of sows. Will these pairings prove less problematic? Back in reception, singer/songwriter couple Marie and Philip are checking in. They’ve come to the hotel seeking creative inspiration from its surroundings and the chance to write songs together. Phil’s snoring, however, is proving far from music to his wife’s ears. They’ve brought their son Andrew with them. He’s about to turn 16, and the couple are determined to squeeze in one more family holiday before he’s too old to endure the prospect. As a birthday present, the couple drive Andrew on a 350-mile round trip from the hotel up to Edinburgh to visit a shop he loves. But, perhaps they should have phoned ahead to check it would be open…

Documentary following life at the Damson Dene, a three-star hotel in the Lake District, as staff try to keep holiday-makers happy during a busy summer season. Season two switches to the Grosvenor in sunny Torquay, where manager Mark tries to keep control over troublesome guests, and even more troublesome staff!





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