Picking the right Hotel for a Big Family

We love to travel and explore. We go on 1 big trip every year. We are not globe trotters but we do know how to travel for 20+ hours by car with Children. When ever we travel long distances and are planning on staying for a week or more the most biggest concern is “How are we going to feed everybody”? We have a lot of mouths to feed so taking everyone out to eat 3 meals a day can get really pricey. So the first 3 things I look for in a hotel are:

  • A functional Full Kitchen in our room. It has to have a Fridge, at least a stove top, dinner ware, silver ware, cook ware and cups, not having a full kitchen is definitely a deal breaker.
  • Free Parking, this is also a deal breaker for me.
  • Free Breakfast is always Great, not a deal breaker but the convenience of something else better be worth it (like a cheaper price for a whole house or the distance for travel is next to nothing).

Following those 3 things next I look at sleeping and living space. There has to be a place for everyone to sleep, especially the teenagers, and there has to be enough room to move about and live for about a week or more.

The next thing I look for is the distance to everything. After we just drove all the way from Maine to Virginia (or where ever else) the last thing we want to do is more driving, as well as we don’t want to have to navigate to much in an unfamiliar State.

I search to where the closet Grocery Store and Pharmacy is (you never know what you will be missing in that first-aid-kit of yours) I prefer these stores to be with in 5-15 minutes to where we are staying No Exceptions. We try to find a Walmart because they typically have both store and pharmacy. Then I find coupons and the sales to prepare the grocery list which is a different post for a later time.

Then I see how far away the hotel is to the Main attraction that we are there for. So if we are staying in Virginia then chances are we are revisiting Bush Gardens and Water Country so the furthest I would want to be from these Maine attractions is 15-20 minutes. Sometimes we might make an exception to this and go out to 30-40 minutes but that is usually because we chose to stay in between several Main attractions or we found a great deal on accommodations.

Last but not least is the Pool. 99% of the time we only end up using the pool once during our trip and that is always on our planned R&R day where we are just chilling. So the pool doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it does have to be Clean and well kept, warm and kid friendly.

I usually always start my Hotel Search with either a Hampton Inn or a Home Wood Suites. When you are traveling, weather it be by plane, train or automobile, it takes a lot out of you and your family. Nothing feels better then showing up at your finale destination and walking into your accommodations and seeing the looks on your families faces. That is when you know you really did good. So do the research. If you don’t have a clue where to start and planning like this isn’t your thing then go to a travel agent because If your home away from home falls short, trust me it can effect your perfect vacation plans.

I will be adding reviews on places that my family and I have stayed at so make sure you subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it.

**Images are of a Hampton Inn that we stayed at while visiting Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

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