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If you go on vacation, either nearby or international destination, you must first think about what you want to do., Which is the kind of trip you want to make, to which place or places you want to go, and according to your decision , decide what type of hotel you want to stay

All the experts say it is very important to decide how much you want to spend. Once you are clear about your financial limits and the type of trip you want to make, you must decide your search to a particular location. It is very important to know what experience you want: country, city, beach, romantic getaway, adventure …


Always look in the searcher with more hotels


Despite what you say about price comparators (Oops, Kayak), websites that show the rates of the hotels and the booking conditions, eventually are second intermediaries. There are brokers with the hotel, but intermediaries with agencies, so you can see the price increased. Always at an online agency, not comparators. You will find in many cases better price if you come by the comparator

– Agencies ‘online’: function as traditional travel agencies. Choose a destination and they will offer hotel, flight or what you request. You pay the agency for you to manage the travel and stay and they take a commission. Your contract is with the agency, although the hotel is obliged to deliver the contracted services. The problem is that these agencies have a number of hotels listed not too wide Nowadays this is the agency with more hotels around the world, therefore have a better offer to compare. They manage the reservation directly with the hotel, so we always offer the best price available. Besides, you do not have to pay when you book, as most of the hotels allow payment on arrival, which, if you have to cancel your trip, do not make returns. A big advantage.

Read what other users says.


The user reviews are very important when choosing a hotel. The amount of reviews is a good indicator of the quality and reliability of the hotel.

On the same page of find feedback from users who have already gone to the hotel. Real Reviews and all countries.

in Booking can not create fake profiles to improve the score, as only travelers who made ​​their reservation and traveled can leave an opinion


Book asap and do not forget to print the voucher.


If you want to get the best prices, it is best to book as soon as possible. Prices are extremely variable depending on the dates. It is best to book in advance as the hotels themselves are those who placed bids to fill your spot ASAP.

Also, remember that consumer associations should «print your reservation and take on your journey.» So you have a copy of your contract if any incident occurs.


If there are problems: mutual agreement or claims.


When you get to your hotel you might happen some issues. Errors may be due to small mistakes and could be solved. Before a claim, try to reach an amicable agreement, it is always pleasant.

If the hotel does not put solutions to your complaints, you must claim in writing. Calls for a complaint form and fill it in stride. Leave a copy on site and forward the original to competent agencies or tourism consumption.



In short, and our advice: book with


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