Beautiful water parks/ resort to visit in El Salvador. Have a fun time!

As mentioned in my other blog, How to Travel safely in El Salvador, I recommend visiting Decameron. It is a beautiful resort with a beach front. The hotel is all-inclusive. The resort is located in Sonsonate, El Salvador. The resort includes: 2 Tennis courts, 4 pools, salt water pool, fitness center, spa, beach entrance, multiple dining venues, and etc. The resort is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy family time. I usually recommend this resort because it is really safe and private.

A well known water park in El Salvador is Aqua park. Aqua Park is located in San Miguel. It is a beautiful water park to take kids and it is relatively cheap. The cost per kid is $2 and the cost per adult is $5. There are many water slides and pools. Aqua park also has a lazy river to relax in. There are many hotels located near the park and many places to eat.

A beautiful resort to stay at is Vistas Las Olas Surf Resort. This resort is very luxurious and modern place to stay at. It has a nice pool, hot tub , and beach access to El Cuzco. This top rated hotel has Wi-if, restaurant, airport shuttle, and it is very kid friendly. El Cuzco is one of the beaches in El Salvador that is also known for its big waves.

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