You expect something, and you get something better…such was Ahmedabad


My younger brother apparently becomes the apple of everyone’s eye. As he had cracked his way to enter IIM Ahmedabad; and all of us, including him, had gone bonkers. I initiated to go to Ahmedabad with him to get him settled at his hostel. Though I had my little selfish motive too. I wanted to see the Ahmedabad city.

After we reached Ahmedabad, we straight away went to IIM. We got everything settled in a day or two. I had booked my train tickets to home for two days later. After bidding him adieu and wishing him best for his future, I got myself checked in to one of the hotels in Ahmedabad near the railway station, called Mango hotel.

I had booked it randomly from the internet and did not expect much from the hotel. But to my surprise, The hotel turned out to be fabulous. My room was brilliantly decorated, the staff was very friendly and the overall service and food were mind-blowing.

I was happy that my remaining two days of exploration of the city turned out to be pretty great. The city spoke for itself with its beautiful touristic spots like Sabarmati Ashram, Adalaj stepwell, Jama Mosque and some delicious local food delicacies like Khakhra and Daal Vada.

The alibi of helping my brother settle into his hostel led me to explore a new city in a really great way, especially when every night I got to come back to one of the finest budget hotels in Ahmedabad.

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