“Hey, um, I think theres an animal or something in my bathroom…”

“Um excuse me? What makes you say that?” I say into the phone.

“There some uh… noise coming from my bathroom.”

“Ok I’ll be up there in a moment to check it out.”

Inside of the guests room, I see clearly a light peaking out from under the bathroom door.

“Is anyone else staying with you tonight?” I ask her.

“No it’s just me,” she replies, “I woke up to some banging and I thought it was the people next to me but then I saw the bathroom door closed.”

“Have you opened the door yet?”

She shakes her head no and we both just stair straight ahead at the door. She doesn’t want to open it, and I don’t want to open it, but it stands waiting to be opened.

Ok I guess I’m on the clock so I have to take control of the situation.

I knock.

“Hello, is someone in there?”

My heart thumps out a rhythm.

Please no one answer.

Please no one answer.

Please no one answer.

A guttural sound is quietly heard.

With shaking hands, I open the door.

Standing so tall, this creatures back is bent up against the ceiling. It’s skin is charcoal and dusty,  it’s bones knobs and hard lines pushing through.

“Yanny… Yanny… Yanny” It cries out.

I close the door and we head down to the lobby and I call the police.

“It just kept saying ‘yanny’ over and over agian.” I describe the incident to the officer.

“Yanny?” the guest says looking at me,”I thought he said laurel. I heard Laurel.”




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