Why Should Tourists Not To Miss Visiting Akshardham Temple?


If you are visiting Delhi and staying in any of the good hotels in Manesar, you should not miss visiting Akshardham Temple to fulfil your spiritual quest. Also called as Swaminarayan Temple, there are interesting facts which attract every tourist should know before visiting here.

  • History of Temple: A religious organization called BAPS takes the credit of building this wonderful Akshardham Temple. Now it has become a famous landmark in the city of Delhi. For more information, most of the good hotels in Gurgaon share adequate information at their travel desk counters.
  • Garden of India: Besides offering a spiritual environment, this temple has a large garden with splendid lawns, where one can witness many bronze statues of various known and less popular personalities such as warriors, exemplary women etc. Also this place has a Lotus Garden which attracts everyone.
  • Musical Fountain: This is one of the key attractions where one can witness a musical fountain show in the evening. The fountain describes the concept of the human life cycle in an amazing visual form which a tourist can enjoy and learn the values of life.
  • Splendid architecture: This spiritual destination offers a blend of architecture connecting spirituality and tradition. Tourists can also see the AV show that describes the life the Lord Swaminarayan. The place has innumerable galls and buildings in this vast area.

Having known about these amazing facts, you should not miss adding this temple in your visit-list when you are in this capital city. This stunning temple attracts many people across who follow other religions.

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