Why Should Tourists Not Miss Visiting Arakku Vally In Visakhapatnam?

Arrakku Vally near Vishakapatnam is less known for the regular tourist, though people from local areas visit this beautiful place for a weekend getaway. All most all the hotels in Vizag near beach arrange regular visits to their guests who come from many countries. If you are on vacation with your loved ones, you should not miss visiting this hilly town which is around a hundred kilometres from Vishakhapatnam.

Natural beauty: Being a hilly location Arrakku Vally offers natural beauty to every traveller. Nature lovers can have a great feast for their eyeballs. One is sure to experience different tranquillity in this town.

Museum of Tribal Arts: This beautiful valley is a native of many tribes who live for many decades. A visitor can visit a museum depicting tribal arts as well as see the tribal caves. One can taste a unique coffee aroma here.

Waterfalls: Adventurous tourists can enjoy the Kartiki waterfall which is located inside the valley area. Adults, as well as kids, can surely enjoy a pleasant and picturesque experience in the location.

Trekking activities: Tourists who have a passion for trekking have a great option in this hilly place. One can hire the local guides while proceeding for trekking through the steep mountains.

Arakku Valley has innumerable hotels for all sorts of tourists. Tourists can also stay at the hotels in Visakhapatnam and visit this beautiful place for a day trip as many of these hotels organize such tours to their guests. If you are passionate in enjoying nature, your visit to Visakhapatnam is said to be incomplete if you fail to make a trip to this amazing hilly town Arakku Valley.

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