Why making your hotel more “Instagram worthy” will boost your brand

Us millennials – multitaskers, narcissistic, always on our phones. These are just some of ways used to describe us. There is no doubt that this generation uses technology and social media to its advantage – ‘Social Media Influencer’ is now a career to strive for. This is how your travel business can benefit from the social media frenzy.

According to a recent survey by Schofields, more than 40 percent of people ages 18-33 consider “Instgrammability” when planning a trip. Simply having an aesthetically pleasing backdrop could make the Instagram influencers and Pinterest pinners flock to you, even if your location isn’t on everyone’s bucket list.


El Fenn Hotel Marrakech takes full advantage of “Instagrammability”. The hotel’s Instagram account @elfennmarrakech, has over 100 thousand followers and has garnered notoriety from travel magazines such as Conde Nast Traveller. The magazine put the Marrakech hotel on its 2018 Gold List for Best Hotels in the World. The hotel has tripled in size since its opening in 2004 and its reputation continues to flourish — thriving in the social media eye.


Wanaka Tree, New Zealand | Photo courtesy of Flickr

Social media platforms such as Instagram have sought attention to destinations that would otherwise be “unknown”. In 2015, South Island in New Zealand saw a rise in tourists because of how beautiful it looked on Instagram. Lake Wanaka Tourism appealed to Instagram influencers and photographer Chris Bukard hosted an “Insta-meet” there, advertised to his 1.5 million followers at the time.

The term “influencer” is so widely used today and a title that is so sought after. According to this article by The Atlantic, a PR manager from a new hotel and day club in Bali receives five to 20 inquiries from “influencers”. PR managers for the hospitality business will now have a new audience to cater towards as well as filter through.


Here are a list of a few hotels travel influencers love:

Ace Hotel – @acehotel


Buuble, Iceland – @bubbleiceland




Ritz Paris – @ritzparis




Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills – @waldrofbevhills




Atlantis The Palm, Dubai – @atlantisthepalm




Would the Instagram reputation of a hotel make you want to stay there? Do millenial influencers care more about “likes” than their experience? Let me know what you think!



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