Why I love staying at hotels

Hello everyone! Wow, thank you guys so much for the awesome response I received on coming back to this platform. It is definitely encouraging and a lot of fun to share with my life and thoughts on my blog.

This post is a little bit about why I absolutely love sleeping in hotels. When I was on vacation last week it was the best feeling. Sometimes the hotels I stay at have a better bed than what I have at home. I love the smell of new sheets, so this is definitely one of my top 3 things I love about it.

I really feel comfortable in hotels and as soon as I enter the hotel room I get instantly relaxed and can let go of all my worries. It is like my body knows that it’s on vacation mode and I do not have to worry about anything. At least, I can be fully and 100% relaxed.

I only stay at hotels for when I am traveling and sometimes before for a tiny amount of work. I think it is super satisfying that the hotel beds are folded nicely and that the soap always smells amazing in the bathrooms. Recently, I’ve been so lucky and had a bathtub in the bathroom and that is something I am missing in my current apartment. There isn’t enough space and I do not think the owner of the apartment would be too happy about it either hehe.

The hotel we stayed at in Budapest had amazing internet which is a must for me when I go on holiday. Especially, since my 4G did not work, unfortunately. The cellphone provider had a bit of a technical issue. But that meant that I had to have a good internet at the hotel.

One of my wishes for the future is to have a pool so that I can chill and exercise. I loved it when we were in Budapest, we went to Thermal Bath, which is super popular there. I don’t regret it at all. If I would go back to Budapest, Hungary I would even go there just to do the bath hehe. It was so comfortable and fun.

At hotels, you can sometimes get breakfast, and sometimes I do take it and its in the pack when we paid for the room. In Italy the breakfast was fabulous. Really simple and I also loved the one in Beijing. There they even asked you how you wanted your eggs and custom made it however you liked it.

Sometimes it feels like the time goes a tad slower in a hotel room and since it is so quiet, I kind of can relax more and meditate. Closing my eyes and let go of all my worries and responsibilities. I also feel like I am less messy there because I only have my luggage and the room is super clean. I absolutely love it.

An upcoming video on my youtube channel is a review on the apple airpods and I am super excited to share it. Here is my previous video if you have not watched it yet:

VLOG In Norway

-Love Alissa

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