What factors do you need to consider while choosing a hotel?

Vacations are fun. One gets to explore new cultures, new places, new restaurants and well..err.. new hotels. As soon as we zero in on the destination we are visiting, the first thing our internet is invested in is searching for and booking the hotels. While there are multiple sites, with uncountable filters, the hotels never cease to surprise and sometimes even shock us, upon arrival. So, what can one do to avoid dingy hotels, leaking faucets, infested bathrooms and the never-ending list of things that can potentially go wrong? Read on to know the most important things you should consider before hopping on to the next ‘too-good-to-be-true’ hotel deal!

choosing a hotel

The location of the hotel

One of the most important factors that should govern your hotel choice is its location according to the purpose of your visit. The ideal hotel for a leisure trip is the one which lies in proximity to all the tourist destinations. Most people prefer living in the centre of the city so that they can reach the tourist hotspots quickly and simultaneously save a lot of fares on taxis and other modes of transportation.

People who are on business trips should choose hotels that are close to main business centres or industrial centres of the city. Other things to consider are the nearness to medical services, shopping malls, and airports or railway stations. You can also check out the hotel’s location on Google Maps and also use its street-view feature to be absolutely sure.

Don’t take pictures of the hotel on their face value

Checking out hotel pictures is our first instinct once we reach a booking site. Before getting swayed away by the beautiful pictures, follow an inevitable thumb of rule. Carefully examine not just the pictures of the surrounding areas but also the rooms, the breakfast served, the pool, and other hotel’s facilities.

The same pictures of the surroundings appear while sifting various other hotels. Your focus should be on how well the rooms are maintained. Another trick used by hoteliers is to make the rooms look bigger by clicking them from fisheye angles. Check out the actual size details of the room before assuming it is of the mentioned size. Additionally, check out the pictures on sites where they have been uploaded by guests. This way you’ll get the real picture of the picture!

Type of the room

Usually, prices quoted on the sites are low in order to lure the customers. These charges are mostly for the standard rooms with no views and breakfast. As you opt for rooms that are deluxe and luxury with particular views the rates get higher. The sites often show the pretty pictures that are visible from the more expensive rooms. Thus, it is important that you talk to the hotel directly about the kind of room and view you’ll be allotted.

Apart from the precautions listed above, one must also read the reviews mentioned on different sites thoroughly before booking India Hotels. The reviews tell what the pictures don’t and would not. And the last thing you want on a vacation is an unflattering hotel.

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