Visit Hazira Village In Surat For A Perfect Holiday

The beautiful little town of Hazira is located in Gujarat and is emerging as a tourist attraction in recent years. Although the state is not known as a big tourism hub, things are changing with many budget hotels in Surat opening recently. Here is a brief overview of the idyllic Hazira near Surat:

Hot Springs: The region is famous for natural hot springs which are found near its beaches. There are wells found here that are rich in iron and sulphur deposits and many also believe the water here has healing properties. Hazira is thus frequented by people trying alternative treatment therapies.

Transhipment hub: Hazira is also a common transhipment point for many ships passing through the region. Since Surat is an important port city, many ships stop here to load and unload goods.

Picturesque surroundings: The main reason the town has become popular is the incredibly scenic views that one can find in and around the beaches. Surat hotels near the railway station remain packed with tourists that have come to see the lovely golden sands and the characteristic azure blue of the Arabian Sea.

Industrial centre: Like many other parts of Gujarat, Hazira is relatively open to businesses and is home to many industrial facilities. Not only is it home to shipping giants like Essar, Larsen & Toubro and Kribhco but also other big companies like UltraTech Cement, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, and Reliance Industries.

The town can be reached easily via buses plying from Surat and the nearest railway station is just ten kilometres away.

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