Vdara: A Family Friendly Hotel in Vegas

We decided to go on an impromptu trip to Vegas after a few friends invited us for someone’s birthday.  I’ve been feeling uber antsy during mat leave so of course I was a YES!  And with stereotypical Asian parents who love to gamble, I knew they’d be down too!

Within 24 hours, we were able to secure a place to stay (with a backup), rent a family van, and gather the two babies plus grandma and grandpa to head to Vegas.

We’ll skip the multiple stops due to kid vomiting in the car (horrible during a night drive at 11 PM!) and jump straight to the topic at hand – why Vdara was a great selection for a mom with two little ones.

Prior to kids, we would’ve stayed at a place like Aria or PH.  But since having kids, kitchenettes have become a huge convenience, if not a necessity.  That’s where Vdara comes in. Until now, I hadn’t stayed there but my husband had before and said it was pretty good.  After the past 48 or so hours, here’s why I agree.

  1. Kitchen. Having a full fridge, microwave, sink, and stove is everything with two little ones!  I can refrigerate milk, make whatever foods I know my toddler will refuse to eat (vs. buying food she’ll inevitably refuse to eat!), and have extra space to clean and disinfect bottles and pacifiers.
  2. Washer dryer and TWO bathrooms in the suites. Washer dryer – self explanatory. Though you may not want this on a vacay, I totally get it.. But man, after a kid who vomited her entire dinner and then some up plus another one with an explosive diaper… this was a God send!!  And two bathrooms, well I don’t even have to explain that one!  For those who are picky, it’s really 1.5
  3. Space. At over 800+ square feet and one bedroom (in the Vdara suite), this place is bigger than most places in some major metropolitan cities!  If you don’t go for the suite, I hear the standard rooms/suites are just as plentiful!
  4. Non-smoking
  5. Non-gaming but close enough
  6. Starbucks and a mini grocery store downstairs… albeit at Vegas prices :( But hey! At least I can order on the iPad and pick it up downstairs!
  7. Of course they give you basic kitchenware and laundry detergent.
  8. Excellent big ol’ tub to make your toddler giddy!

Other perks are the friendly service :) with 24 hour in-room dining AND DOG FRIENDLY!!! The downside? Well it’s not THAT convenient to play since you have to walk over to Aria at a minimum, but whatever… Also, parking is, as with many resorts now on the Strip, $30 for valet… and $18 for self-park..AT ARIA!! -_- BOO!! Oh, and for those with toddlers, note that since it’s a suite, there’s much to get hurt on (furniture to climb, lamps and sharp corners, you know the deal) and easy to slip on tile floors.

Anywho, despite the cons, there were plenty of reasons for me to thumbs up the place, and I can’t wait to be back! :)

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