Unusual attractions recommended to visit; From Dubai to Sharjah

For first time guests to Sharjah, the best place to stay is in the beachfront zone, close to the downtown zone. Nude shopping and visitors are located not far from 2 km, also close to amazing places, for example, the Heritage Area, with an extraordinary center where you will find the protection of ancient Arab weapons; Central Market; Al Qasba enthusiasm zone; and Corniche. By booking a rental vehicle in Dubai that is suitable for Sharjah to welcome the amazing attractions there. After finding the critical attraction segment closed in Sharjah.

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Al Noor Island

This open stop for individuals when everything is said to be completed, made at Khalid Lagoon and associated with the expansion of downtown Corniche Street, is Sharjah’s best place if you pursue quiet private time to gradually breathe following it to get free shopping and hallway delivery exams. The island combines expertise and nature into its brilliant heritage and highlights the parks that are scattered with models and performances over the next few days, made by the clearest skilled workers in the world. Most likely, the attractive flower is the home of the Al Noor Island butterfly, where 500 doubtful butterfly species can be seen.

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Sharjah Maritime Museum

Sharjah is strongly associated with water, and the Maritime Museum combines the greatness of the oceans in the movement of the city to create an economy. There is an interesting exhibition about standard wood with surprising aggregated pearls by the old Arabs used to jump, they collected important pearls stored in the museum. The exhibition highlights the meeting of sparkling pearls (considered a part of the precious stone that accumulates on this planet, Earth) and beautiful wooden dhows anchored outside of legitimate core interests.

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Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area is a mixture of two or three presentation rooms that join the Sharjah Heritage Museum, Souk Al Arsah, Al Midfaa Houses, Al Hisn Sharjah, and Hisn Fort. Souk Al Arsah is a large open-air souk, rebuilt with original authentic style that is currently being expanded in the meeting of amazing old shops that appear and showcases handmade wooden works, gems, ancient Arabic dresses and things to enhance excellence.

  • Bait Al Naboodah is a standard family home that was once home to the Al-Shamsi family.
  • Al Midfa House is a magnificent family home from Al Midfaa – an impulsive figure in Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates. The performances here spread regional creations and culture.
  • Al Hisn Fortress is a traditional decision house for Sharjahwhere social events, pages that are managed reliably every Friday to decide on fundamental issues that are open. The fort was made 200 years ago and filled as a guarded office for the city. This event covers Sharjah’s legal landscape through themed events that appear in each room.


As the southernmost city in the United Arab Emirates, Kalba is a fish that wants to jump with sharp bait and is active in opening up markets and fish exhibits on the beach market. This is a floored place for guarded streets with little attention for trips to the Al-Hisn Museum. The people who get compensation from this confusing visit must visit the place regardless of how it is from Dubai by renting a vehicle in Dubai that is suitable for Sharjah, they value every place here.

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