Kube Hotel

This ultra-cool and highly rated abstract hotel can be found in the lively Chapelle district not too far from Moulin Rouge district

Check in at the wonderful perspex cube reception and step through the hotel doors to find a multi-faceted plexi-glass cube decorated with funky sofas, hanging perspex chairs, colourful bean bags, designer furniture and plasma screens creating a wonderfully diverse ambience.

The rooms are high-tech too and have funky hanging beds. The hotel is well known for its Ice Bar, carved out of 25 tons of ice, where at minus ten degrees Celsius, visitors can enjoy cocktails into the early hours of the night.

Vice Versa Hotel

A cake themed room you say? Fantastic! This fantastic Paris gem is mesmerising from top to bottom,so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure was ours.

Vice Versa Hotel‘s seven floors are themed, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. One of the bedrooms was themed around a tea party with a bed the shape of a cupcake and teapots for lamps. Wandering around the communal spaces and corridors of this quirky hotel you can see greed heavily revolved around banknotes and anger around red and black colours. The unique, pure white lounge has to be seen to be believed. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere also add to the experience. A very hip hotel in Paris which cannot fail to bring a bit of fun into your stay!

Maison Souquet

Set in a picturesque neoclassical building and a place once used by socialites and intellectuals, 5-star Belle Époque themed and exceptionally rated, Maison Souquet really stands out!

Designed by the famous architect, Jacques Garcia, the style is luxurious and decadent with exotic style furnishings creating a unique ultra-chic setting.

When you open the doors to this gorgeous hotel you’ll walk into a tiled salon, like a mansion in Brussels, gazing upon crimson velvet chairs, a wood-panelled bar-library, a glass-roofed conservatory, a spa with an indoor pool, a hammam and a delightful courtyard. With precise attention to detail, the scent of jasmine and tobacco gently drifts around the building give guests a slice of Paris.

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