Type Of People Who Go On Holiday In Oman

Oman? Oh-Mann

You probably are thinking who in their right mind would visit Oman? I mean for all we know it desert where people still ride their camels to work while Aladdin has last been spotted flirting with the elderly home nurse. There isn’t really much out there to give you an idea on this- go ahead try googling it. This is because the people that visit Oman are on there on the way of Dubai, are bored from Dubai, or not having it from Dubai.

Granted there is there the adventure seekers who enjoy snorkeling with the Omani dolphins, camping under the stars and enjoy a Grande Mocha Mochiatto, Soy Milk, Cinnamon sprinkle from Starbucks- Yes Nancy, we have Starbucks.  Nonetheless the visitors to Oman are often an anomaly and they usually fin d themselves exploring the country inadvertently. Reason being is that Oman has plenty of untapped, unspoiled nature that are known to those that enjoy the outdoor nature. I’ve had friends from Switzerland,Italy, US, Germany whom unexpectedly told me that they’ve been to Muscat; with one having his dad working at the Royal Opera House! I was flabbergasted and scared. Flabbergasted because I thought no one knows where I come from and scared by the fact that I am years away from my having my neighborhood look it had been taken over by Italians during happy hour.

With that being, if my city is about to be invaded by Chinese- run Italian pizza stores and selfie stick manufacturers than I should at least have a say on who should make the round of pilgrimages. Here’s my list of the 7 people that should visit Oman, now! it’s ladies night on Tuesday so let’s get frea…. uuum, never mind. Here’s a list of the 6 people that should visit Oman:

The Germans

No destination is complete without the Germans. For a country of 30 million I am baffled by the amount of territory they cover. You could be at a dive bar 2 hour south of LA in a small town and I you would here some one saying “PRROOST!!” to the sight of cheap American beer (true story). How you would do it or why is nothing is something I stopped trying to understand anymore.

All I could say is the Germans know two things: How to have a good time and where to find it.


Welcome to vegan paradise! If you thought italian pasta was good then be prepared to find yourself in the land of endless hummus and organic falafel. All the ingredients used in food are high quality due to their cheap costs in Oman. You can go to any restaurant and find vegan fitting meals from Turkish, Persian, Lebanese and even African flavors. As 1/2 of a vegan power couple I approve of your visit.


Also known as Alex/Brody/Chad/Bro.

This guy would fit well with the Germans or the youngster drowning in Heineken on a luxury camp under sparkling desert stars 2 hours away from Muscat. The thought of cruising through massive sand dunes or jumping from high cliffs into hot springs seem bring him a tremendous sense of joy. Be it after a night massive drinking or a three day Tiki Puka Puka bender , Brad is the first ready for some fun. See: Germans




Basic People

You can’t just travel 5 thousand miles on a jet plane without using some overly use caption about travel. “Not all those who wander are lost” goes perfect in a land of desert while taking a Muslim appropriate picture in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. Tip: leave Gandhi out of selfies and camel riding pics #resist


Everyone Else

you’re not wild, you’re not trying to be a role model. You’re genuinely trying to see the culture. I get it.I respect it. We need more people like you,especially nowadays with kids eating Tide and what not.

If you didn’t make the cut on this list you’re either a Nancy and Greg couple or have been living in a cave for the duration of this blog. Either way check back again next year to see if you made the number 1 pick for preferred traveler.

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