Trump Hotels the #1 Hotel in the World

On September 12th, 2019, The Trump Organization tweeted that they are now named the #1 hotel in the world. This is a great accomplishment if it is true. However, Donald Trump is known to fabricate a lot of statistics he tweets out.

I decided to do some research to see if they are indeed ranked the #1 hotel in the world. I decided it would be best to check various travel and hotel websites to see if this could be true. The first website I checked was Travel + Leisure, and I looked at their best hotels in the world list. Now, this list was posted in July 2019 and the Trump Organization says they have currently been ranked #1. However, according to this website, the Trump Hotel is not even in the top 100. So to be the #1 hotel in the world one would think you would have to had been at least in the top 100 in the past. Especially since this was only posted two months ago. I can’t base my conclusion on this one source, so I decided to check another website. Trip Advisor is a popular site for travelers, and it is credible for determining good hotels to stay in. They posted a top 10 best hotels in the world 2019 article. I read the article, and Trump Hotels was not listed even in their top 10. I checked one last source called Travel Daily News International. They also posted their top 12 best hotels in the world, and Trump Hotels were not listed.

So I’ve checked atleast three hotel and travel websites and none of them have listed Trump Hotels in their top 10 to 100. Does this mean that the Trump Organization lied? I’m not quite sure because I checked their article and the source they have listed (Luxury Lifestyle Magazine) says Trump Hotels is the #1 hotel in the world. However they are the only source I’ve read in the top Google searches that have Trump listed. Also when I compared the lists between the previous websites I listed they all had mostly the same hotels in their lists. So as a conclusion, I don’t believe Trump Hotels is the #1 hotel in the world, but it may be a top contender.


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