Watching sunrise on a beach of Goa will make you realize that what you have missed so far in your life.

AYYYYOOOO!!!!! Back with a new blog. Let’s talk about Goa! Everyone loves beaches. In the last blog I told about how we travel to atleast one country every year. But going to Goa is a must every year for our family. Let me tell you places to visit in Goa. The first place is beach the next place is beach and the third place is also beach. LOL! You wont feel like going anywhere ig you go to the beach. And I dont think there is anything interesting than the beach. The road trip starts like this.

We visited goa in October. We started packing our clothes and my sister booked the hotels through and as always it didn’t disappoint me. We got exciting offers and the interesting thing about is we get offers when it’s season time also. Anyways we booked our hotels and started our trip. We ate our lunch in Hubli and we continued our trip. Till karwar we took rest in our car and the drive was too boring. After Karwar the ghat section comes and everyone feels like vomiting so we started concentrating on the road and started enjoying the scenery. It felt like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD). There was fog in the afternoon. Just imagine!! Unbelievable right! So we reached and our hotel was 500m from the beach. Our trip was for 4 days and all the days we were visiting different beaches. Early morning we used to get up and go to the beach and eat lunch at different places then rest in the afternoon and again go to beach in the evening and eat dinner in the shacks. We didn’t feel leaving goa. But we had to leave. I wonder how people in goa feel like. Everyday beach and everyday fish. LOL! I know it’s not like that people have to go to work and all. Chill it was just a joke. Then on the last day we checked out and left for Hospet to start our normal life. I know it feels very sad to finish our vacations and start our normal life.

Goa is not only the land of beaches or city of churches. It’s a feeling that defines thrill in the most amazing way.

You can check out the hotel here and book. There are amazing offers going on.


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