Tried & Tested: Penny Hill Park

Happy Sunny Sunday! We are basking in the sunshine in London this weekend and it is glorious! So firstly let me apologise for my absence; where have I been?…The past few months have been a whirlwind! Work, personal life, it’s been a busy few months but I am ready to get back into writing and sharing my experiences via my blog posts, just in time for summer reading!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a stay at one of the UK’s luxury 5 star properties; the beautiful hotel and spa; Penny Hill Park. The hotel (which is one of the properties in the Exclusive hotel group portfolio) is a train’s ride away from England’s capital, and a stone’s throw from Bagshot town centre.

When I arrived, I felt like I had arrived on the set of a fairytale; the buildings are beautiful and almost castle-like with the tower style rooves, walkways, and courtyards where the bedrooms of the property are located. The hotel is tranquil, it doesn’t feel too busy, and there are plenty of spaces for you to hide away and enjoy the green surroundings.

The highlight for me was most definitely the three storey spa building, located across from the main house. There are eight indoor and outdoor pools, several hot tubs, jacuzzis, steam rooms and saunas – so plenty of options for you to choose from. You could easily spend a day (or two) enjoying the facilities of the spa. The spa offer a number of natural and organic treatments, perfect for a day of relaxing with your friends, or a partner.

After a day of pampering (or meetings, if that’s what you are there for), on site is a brasserie style restaurant in addition to a Michelin restaurant (which you’ll definitely have to book in advance for). There are numerous meeting and event spaces, a perfect setting for a wedding, or a corporate event. The grounds are vast, and the hotel offer outdoor activities for those who are not there just for the spa!

The bedrooms have a feel of a country retreat with a modern twist; the bathrooms are incredible – think of a bath and you’ll certainly find one at Penny Hill! Ying yang baths, twin baths, round baths, baths with TVs, the lot! What I loved about the hotel is that every single bedroom is unique. The decoration, furniture and theming of each room is completely different; there are no two rooms which are the same.

The hotel would work very well for a wedding party, hen weekend, corporate retreat or even a couple’s weekend away. The hotel seemed to be very family friendly too, I saw a few babies enjoying the poolside! Definitely a place to visit this summer!

Treena Kaur

@treenakaur (instagram)

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