Travelling alone

Hey there, my exploreres and adventurers.

Sometimes it ‘s hard to get people to travel with; some people you know either don’t like travelling, don’t have the funds, or are just too busy. This has now become the case with me and for the first time ever, I’ve decided to start travelling alone. If I waited for someone to come with me, I’d simply never go anywhere and wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere near as much as I want to.
However, I’ve hit a few blips on this solo road and here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

Firstly, it’s so much cheaper travelling with someone in terms of hotels. I’ve noticed that a lot of places expect you to check into a room as a pair and, even if they dont, going as pair also means you can split hotel costs. There are some ways around this but it may not appeal to everyone.
Hostels are a cheaper alternative for single travellers. Hostels mean sharing a room with 4+ strangers, who are usually travellers themselves. Most that I’ve seen do have secure lockers to keep your valuables (passport, etc…) safe whilst there but it’s always a worry about who exactly you’ll be roomed with. Due to this, it makes sense that people will still pay extra for a hotel where they’ll have their own space.

I’ve only ever been to a hostel once in Berlin but I shared it with other students on the same University trip so I’m not sure what it would be like for the general solo traveller. The hostel itself, however, was very accomodating and I liked the overall experience of the place. Staff were friendly, they had leaflets and guided tours at the front desk, beer pong and cheap drinks upstairs, and the rooms were a decent size with lockers that only your key-card could open.
The hostel I went to was ‘Wombats CITY hostel’ in Berlin; and this particular place has hostels in a lot of other countries, too. I fact checked and four nights in a 6 or 4 bedroom dorm is less than £100 including breakfast. Pretty decent deal, especially considering the location!


Getting lost in a foreign country 

Even in your home country, getting lost happens. The only difference between getting lost in a different country is usually language barriers and also not being able to just call a friend for help.  Being the actual worst at directions, I know there’s a chance that I can get lost at any time. It’s something at the back of my mind, but it’s not so bad when I have someone with me.

When travelling alone, your best bet is to bring a phone (with data) and a portable charger so you can use Google Maps to get back if needed.
Get familiar with your surroundings, know the streets surrounding your hotel and your hotel name so, if you really need to, you can ask some locals who may know the place you’re staying at.

Options avaliable to not be so alone

Just because you’re travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire trip alone! There are plenty of group tours you can attend! Look out for them when you arrive or browse online before you go.


Most importantly stay safe on your travels.
Travelling alone can be dangerous and you need to look out for yourself.

Have fun,
– Ray





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