Trainee’s First Night

Last night was my trainee’s first night training on audit. I’m going to cut out a lot of the fluff here and jump right into the shift, at 1:30am.

I received a phone call from a man asking if we had rooms. I told him yes, and the price. He then asks me if I could order him an Uber. Some larger hotels have an Uber service, but a lot of smaller ones don’t. I explained that I couldn’t order him an Uber and that he’d have to do it himself. He then asks me to make the reservation and that he’d arrive by 2:30am.

Me= Me

OS= Orange Shoe Guest

T= Trainee

Me: Okay sir, I just need a credit card to hold the room until your arrival.

OS: All of my stuff is in [State Capital], including my wallet. Can you hold on while I try to find a credit card number for you?

Me: I guess so.

T: *whispers* is this guy nuts? He has you waiting 8 minutes for him to get a credit card?

Me: I just want to see where this goes. He sounds a bit crazy.

OS: Are you still there? I found the card number.

Me: Sure thing, I’ll take it when you are ready.

OS: [credit card number]

Me: Ok, you are all set. See you when you get here. *hangs up phone*

T: What the hell was that?

Me: It’ll be interesting if he even shows up.


OS walks in.

OS: I’m here for a room. I called.

Me: Ah, yes, OS is it?

OS: Yeah.

Me: Do you have any ID on you? And do you actually have this card or no?

OS: I have my passport, not my driver’s license. The card is in my wallet in [State Capital].

Me: *internal groan* ok… The card authorized so..

OS: I hate to be this person, but I can’t be in this room. I don’t like the room number, 232.

Me: ok.. How about 333 then?

OS: That’s fine.

*20 minutes later*

OS: I hate to be this person, but there’s energy in my room. Like white orbs zipping across the walls. And then there’s these spider web type lines of energy too. Look, I took pictures!

Me: Are you sure that just isn’t light refraction from your flash since you were taking pictures of glass and metal?

OS: No it’s seriously energy.

T: ok…. well…

OS: Can you come up and check my room?

Me: Fine. Lets go. *up to the room we go*

OS: I’m not crazy. There’s energy. Look at that wall, do you see it?

Me: You mean the scratch where the paint was taken off by someone scrapping the chair across the wall?

OS: That’s what it is? I thought it was orbs.. I feel like an idiot. But look at the bed! The bed is like, breathing.

Me & T: Where? We don’t see it moving.

OS: Right there at the top of the blanket! It gets thicker then thinner and thicker and thinner like its breathing!

Me: If its this energy you are talking about, what do you want me to do about it?

OS: I don’t know! This is happening at my house too! I can’t sleep here tonight. I need to go to a different hotel.

Me: And what if these energies follow you there?

OS: They won’t. It’s something with the pattern of the textiles on the bed. It’s designed to harvest energy.

Trainee and I go back down stairs to the office to run audit. No 15 minutes later, OS comes back down, and says to us “well, if I can’t sleep, I may as well entertain you.”

I groaned. I do not want this man watching me work in my own lobby. Trainee and I decided to call the non-emergency police line for advice. They sent out two officers to do a wellness check on the man. OS was trying to convince the officers to go check his room for celestial energy that is in the power lines of the hotel. The police told him to go to bed and to leave the staff alone. OS claims he is going to [State Capital] this morning to go fetch all of his belongings. We’ll see about that.

I think my favorite line of the night was, “Celestial Energy, AKA Artificial Intelligence.”

And the Trainee agreed to come back for a second night of training.

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