Top 10 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

Are you ready to experience your part of Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s slogan means “pure life.” It beckons all who visit to make the time for whatever makes them the happiest. For some, pure life means the thrill of a volcano zip line for others, a calming beach, etc. Want to find yours? If yes, try out our selection of the best things to do in Costa Rica.

10 Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

Coffee and Chocolate

  1. Taste chocolate and coffee at plantations.

You shouldn’t miss out experiencing Costa Rica’s most famous and delicious exports – chocolate and coffee. Costa Rica government allows only superior quality Arabica beans to grow on coffee plantations. This means you can get yourself a cupping session to taste this famous export and know about coffee growing, roasting, and brewing.

Also, those with a sweet tooth are in luck. Costa Rican cocoa beans yield rich chocolate flavor all over the country. You can find out chocolate covered nuts and coffee beans sold by the sack for just a few American dollars.

Poas Volcano activity by Alejandro Miranda Lines

  1. Hike a volcano.

Costa Rica boasts six active volcanoes – a few of them are safe enough to take hikes. Trek to Poas Volcano’s steaming blue crater pool or discover Arenal Volcano’s bio-diverse foothills formed by lava flows. The most accessible volcano Irazu is based in a cloud forest accessible by car. It’s also the most visited national park in Costa Rica.

Visit a Market or Farm

  1. Visit a local market or farm.

Eating and shopping are the best things to do on vacations, especially when you are in Costa Rica. The local farm or market is one of the coolest places to go shopping. It’s only possible because of Costa Rica’s dedication to ecotourism.

You’ll return with more than just souvenirs, thanks to friendly vendors at San Jose’s Central Market. You can taste the fruit that you’ve seen ever at markets like soursop, mammon, water apple, etc. or stock up on fresh bananas, mangoes, and papayas.

Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

  1. Enjoy some of the greatest surfs.

Extremely thrilling Costa Rica is home to plenty of idyllic beaches to lounge on. However, adventurous locals and visitors prefer surfing here in Costa Rica. Amongst all, Hermosa Beach on the Caribbean Coast is off the beaten path is blessed with curling waves as well as soft sands. If you’re not looking to surf, then try out kayaking, horseback rides or simply lounging on the sand while watching surfers instead.

Tour Operators CR

  1. Enjoy walking along the clouds.

The country “Costa Rica” evokes the beautiful images of a fog-shrouded rainforest. It’s time to let us introduce you to Costa Rica famous ecosystem – the cloud forest. What makes a cloud forest exceptional is its humidity and elevation that combines to create a low cloud blanket.

The Montverde Cloud Forest is famously diverse often filled with visitors who want to watch birds, zip line, intend to have Instagram-worthy photographs and look for wildlife like jaguars, ocelots and rare slow-moving species – sloth.

Hot Springs and Waterfalls

  1. Chase hot springs and waterfalls.

Are you not a beach person? Don’t worry as Costa Rica has so many waterfalls and hot springs on offer. Arenal Volcano’s La Fortuna Waterfall is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica for a good reason. It’s a visitor favorite, offering an easy hike to a massive blue pool at the base of 270-foot falls.

At Arenal Volcano, Eco Termales hot spring is fed by volcanic mineral water. The four pools are very much family friendly and catering to a maximum of 100 visitors. So, you won’t be overcrowded in your quest to relax in Arenal natural hot springs.

Rafting in Costa Rica

  1. Take white water rafting or zip-lining.

Experience the magnificence of cloud forests and jungles from above by soaring between platform perches in cloud nestled Monteverde. Or go along remote Central Valley provinces along the Pacuare River or through the forests and waterfalls around Arenal Volcano. There are plentiful ecosystems to experience through zip-line, and if you’re fortunate, you can spot a monkey or sloth along the way.

For a water-adventure enthusiast, white-water rafting is one of the best things to do in Costa Rica. The Pacuare River is a favorite rafting spot located up-close to eco-lodges and stops at waterfalls and swimming holes along the way. Just suit up and row your way through class-IV rapids in between sandy coves and rocky ledges where you can reach the river’s calmer spots.

Spa Tour Packages

  1. Indulge in spa treatments.

It seems easy to get caught up in all the adrenaline-pumping things to do in Costa Rica. Make time to slow down for natural yet blissful spa treatments as a relaxing counter activity. You can try out chocolate, coffee and volcanic mud treatments available at eco-lodges and hotels.

Costa Rica’s national parks

  1. Visit Costa Rica’s national parks.

Costa Rica doesn’t lack the pristine wilderness. While narrowing down the choices for the best things to do in Costa Rica, you should make it to at least one national park. Here are some of the best:

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the most popular pick for a good reason. It is home to a high concentration of wildlife and stunning beaches as well as jungle viewpoints. This park is big enough to escape from the crowds.

Corcovado National Park

Do you really want to get off the tourist path in Costa Rica? To experience the best nature Costa Rica has on offer, Corcovado National Park is your place. Consider visiting there.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is located in the northeast corner of Costa Rica and is a rainforest plopped down on a sandbar. It’s the home to some of the largest sea turtles nesting around the world. There’re no roads available inside the national park. The only way to reach there is by boat. It’s highly recommended to visit there with a tour operator like Tour Operators CR.


  1. Unwind on your own private secluded beach.

The last but not the least, without unwinding after adrenaline-pumping adventures, a Costa Rica vacation is certainly meaningless. The Nicoya Peninsula’s beaches are extremely beautiful but are more crowded.

If you’re looking for a less crowded beach to enjoy all by yourself, please take a look at our selection of beaches:

Manzanillo – Located south of Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo offers amazing experiences, allowing you to explore countless little coves and beaches to relax on.

Playa Dominical – Situated near Uvita, Playa Dominical is an amazing place to watch surfers while sunbathing. The restaurants located near are pretty good also.

Playa Uva – Playa Uva is located up close to Puerto Viejo and is a peaceful beach in Costa Rica. You won’t be the only one there, but the beach is so large that you’ll find no problem finding solitude and peace.

Bottom Line –

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