Things to watch after dropping at accommodation in Thunder Bay

If you are about to explore a few alluring locations in Canada, then you need to be at Thunder Bay. It is the largest city of North West Ontario and sits along Lake Superior. The city is the arbitrator between Prairies of Canada and the Atlantic Ocean and it is the gateway to the region.

Thunder Bay is undoubtedly the most visited city in Northern Ontario as it has lots to offer. There is some hidden surprise at least for everyone. Be it the awe-inspiring natural setting to the instrumental historical grandeur, you can witness it all after you drop in here. All you can do is book accommodation in Thunder Bay and enjoy your stay with ease. 

accommodation in Thunder Bay

In this particular article, we would discuss in a nutshell about two to three places where you can pay a visit. Read it on and boost yourself before you pack your bags.

  1. Witness the Sleeping giant –

It is not in the literal sense, but the mesa and sill formation is named after the sleeping giant as it looks similar to the giant sleeping right at the back. The best views are seen right from the cliff at SQAW bay.

  1. Learning about the Fur trade –

You can pay a visit to Fort William fur trade post and get a grab about the city’s economic past. The post dates back to 1816 and currently, it is a national historic site in the country. It can be defined as the living museum that is being thronged by numerous tourists all the year-round.  You can roam around the park and have a look at the reconstructed buildings.

  1. Enjoy the views –

You can have a look at the Fox memorial and lookout which is located in the outskirt of the city. This particular monument is seated in the park overlooking the highway 17 and the entire part of the city. After the days toil you can return to your affordable hotel in Thunder Bay and spent your time in repose.

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