Things I love in the world of guilty luxuries: week 6

Guess where I go to tomorrow? ORLANDO! After months of buying Disney-themed bags and Minnie Mouse ears, I am ready to take my (not-so) small treasure to Florida.

We head to Gatwick later (as I am writing this, at least), which gives me just enough time to write about the guilty luxuries that I love. We’re into week 6, which means I am showing my blog detailing my life as a copywriter in Wales some commitment.

At present, I am fortunate enough to write for Avis. While car hire services may sound boring, it’s an unbeatable opportunity to learn about new places. And, it has part inspired my delving into the world of guilty luxuries this week.

Making my home smell amazing with ALL of the scents

This weekend’s date night called for a last-minute babysitter, who admired the range of scents throughout my home. Like many, I have succumbed to the Zoflora craze. Specifically, their lavender scent.

However, I love to back this up with (wait for it) Ikea candles (they ain’t Bath and Body Works, but they are subtle) and a Lime and Basil diffuser from Jo Malone. Combined, all three create the smells of dreams.

Gatwick North’s No.1 Airport Lounge

Against my better judgement, I allowed the small person to decide which airport lounge we could visit for the upcoming trip. Given the choice between Virgin’s lounge and all of the others at Gatwick North’s terminal, she chose the No.1 Lounge.

Was it worth it? To be away from the crowds in departures, yes. Otherwise, it was incredibly busy. There was plenty of food and free Prosecco, but given the choice I would likely opt for the Virgin Lounge next time.

A prospective trip to Milford Sound

When I write about travel destinations, Milford Sound somehow crops up again and again. Something about this is telling me that I actually need to visit the place one day, so I shall. Although I have never watched The Hobbit I am well aware that it is one of the film’s primary filming locations.

To me, Milford Sound would become an excellent opportunity to enjoy a road trip with plenty of adventurous stops. Once there, it would become a place to connect with nature and relax! I could take a boat tour, hike, and then return to a nearby camping spot for some peace and serenity.

Eagles Nest Spa, New Zealand

I recently began spending more time at the gym. My classes with Pilates Pete (Not his actual name, just a nickname I chose for him) have helped to enhance my flexibility and loosen my hips. They leave me feeling relaxed, before I head to the pool and increase the number of laps I can execute and try the hydro pool, steam room, and sauna.

While my new gym classes and swimming/spa routine will remain as a regular feature of my workout efforts when I get home, I do feel the need to plan for a more ethereal spa experience. Eagles Nest Spa combines everything anybody could ever want from a hilltop retreat with modern luxuries. The accommodation is expansive, the views are alluring, and you can immerse yourself in the Bay Isands while regrouping. Each personal trainer and spa therapist is a resident there, allowing for a bespoke experience.

While I started this post on the day before heading to Orlando, I am finishing it on my second-to-last day. I’m sat on my balcony with my latest Bath and Body Works candle flickering away (Campfire Donut, there’s a picture of a cute squirrel on there) and still grinning at the way an armadillo became the attraction of the evening as we left Magic Kingdom last night. Today I shall raid Target, before having one last theme park experience tomorrow, which is to be determined by my small person.

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