These Stunning Hotels Offer A Gateway To Outdoor Adventure

Some hotels are experiences unto themselves. The aesthetic, the gardens, the food — they all conspire together to make you want to stay on property. Other hotels leave you hyped to get up and out. To venture into the wilds of a national park or hike an abandoned ridge. These properties are great for relaxing when the day is done, but are so close to the wilds that it’d be a shame to hang around the pool all day.

Today, we’re focusing on these “gateway to adventure” spots around the world. We’re talking about places to stay when you’re ready to #OptOutside for days of jungle trekking, abandoned beach wandering, or desert hiking. Some of these hotels are luxurious while others are quaint, but they’re all excellent entry points for venturing into the great outdoors.

Steve Bramucci, Uproxx Travel Editor

Kakadu Lodge: Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia

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