The Wild Bear Inn, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – Where NOT to Stay

Had a great time in Pigeon Forge! The Titanic Museum is a must-see, and the Christmas lights were amazing. I met so many wonderful people! It was truly a time to be remembered!

Sadly, there is one heinous blot on my stay – the Wild Bear Inn.

I’d stayed here before, and had a great time. This time was a raging disappointment. Knowing that I can’t re-rate them on TripAdvisor for another two months, they treated me and my cousins terribly. Mary, the evil second-shift girl, and the equally evil third shift girl, whose name I don’t know, were super-rude. They spoke to us like we were lower caste society people or something. And they acted like it was a burden to give us the in-room coffee – which wasn’t that great, anyway. We got charged more than we had at a more popular hotel during the height of tourist season. I really regret staying here.

Bill, the third shift guy, was cool, and so were the housekeeping staff. But they were the only ones…

I couldn’t tell you this on TripAdvisor, but I can with my blog. Save yourself the pain. Don’t let a wonderful vacation be tainted with the poor service from these people. Go and have fun! There are many hotels to be had there!


Dakota Love

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