The President Hotel

Cape Town is globally renowned on the business and tourist map for its beauty, its kaleidoscope of cultural events and its efficient modernity that contrasts so strikingly with the weight of its historic heritage. So it’s vital that your choice of accommodation in exploring all it has to offer enriches your experience and puts a glow on your memories. You need to be where the buzz is, yet relaxing in an oasis of comfort and peace. You must have access to all the business facilities and amenities without the stress and pressure of ensuring that the nitty-gritty and nagging details are covered. You need to know where the action is, without the sweat and frustration of tracking down people, transport and events.

That is why you should look no further than the President Hotel.

“People call it ‘iconic’” says Nikki Vardan, sales and marketing manager of the President Hotel, “And it is, in the sense that it represents the best, most gracious, most beautiful and most fulfilling of what Cape Town lays out for the visitor – but it is an icon not to be admired at a distance, as something remote and impersonal.  It is a Hotel to be experienced, embraced and appreciated first-hand – a haven of harmony in the vortex of vibrant city life, where professionals are on hand to meet every need and want in order to ensure a relaxing holiday or business stay.”

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