The Poshest Hotel I Ever Stayed At

Nothing beats entering your hotel room after a long day of travelling and collapsing on the worlds comfiest bed!

The SkyMarriot Hotel is right next to Hong Kong International Airport. It’s about a six minute taxi ride away, which I recommend because walking involves crossing some busy highway type junctions, so for safeties sake, don’t get hit by a car on your first day.

As soon as I stepped into the hotel lobby, I knew I was in a far posher place than my usual Premier Inns or Holiday Expresses. The hotel lobby was filled with marble and even a spiral staircase, with a bar directly in front of you when you enter, and the only carpetted area being the reception. So I checked in, enquired about room service, and headed up to my room.

The room itself was massive. The window covered the entire length of the wall, with a plush, velvety blue chair that looks like something from an old classic movie about a rich woman, or a psychiatrists chair. there was a large TV which looked fairly modern, with a mini fridge filled with cans of juice, beer and chocolate. Unfortunately, I discovered this the morning after, and I didn’t touch anything because you were charged for those amenities. The hotel room was filled with amenities, and just just the body and shampoo wash in a dispenser on the wall kind. I was stunned that a hotel could provide things such as a toothbrush kit, shaving kit, shampoo and conditioner, and so forth. The bathroom was amazing, just filled with little toiletries. The shower was large, and home quality. It even had a seat! Everything so was spacious. I discovered that bathrobes and slippers were also provided.

I decided to order some room service. I got told that it would take about half an hour, so i nipped for a quick shower to rinse away the stickiness from travelling for over a day. However, it came quicker than I expected. I was just so grateful for my chips and diet coke. It was fantastic service, and extremely quick. If it wasn’t so late, I would have ordered something more than a portion of chips.

I have to admit, at breakfast time my ignorance of being British came out in full force. I was totally surprised when I passed a man eating a bowl of noodles for breakfast. What was even more surprising, was the different kind of noodles in the buffet, along with items such as spring rolls. I just cannot fathom having those kind of foods for breakfast. They did, thankfully, have a more American section. This meant they had what the British call streaky bacon (or crispy if you prefer) and I am not a fan of it. I prefer my danish back bacon. I did try a veal sausage and found it wasn’t to my liking. However, they were making chocolate filled waffles when I was getting some toast, and that’s all I could think about until I ate one. Breakfast was okay, it wasn’t the warmest, but it filled a whole.

In the morning, I got a good view of the world outside, and safe to say I was shocked to discover I was near water! It truly is amazing, looking out and finding yourself surrounded by mountains and city life

I definitely recommend staying at the SkyMarriot if you have the budget, and are looking for someplace to stay. It’s a little out of the way of Hong Kong Island, and the other areas, but if you have a night to spend in Hong Kong, or like me arrived super late, it’s something worth looking into.

Until next time, keep on adventuring!

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