The Night Abode for days 7, 8, 9 & 10


With a name like ‘Heaven’s Edge’, expectations of our hotel in Ella were high but from the moment of our arrival our emotions were tested. The word ‘STEEP’ does not begin to describe the drive up to the hotel and many hearts were thumping as our intrepid driver attempted to take our bus up the gradient. Eventually most of our group disembarked and hiked up the slope as there was a general feeling of fear that the brakes may not hold our vehicle and we would end up buried in a pile of crushed metal.

Once inside of the building, the delights of the position became apparent. Huge windows revealed never-ending views of the Hill country and the valley down to Ella.

The view from Heaven’s Edge.








The hotel had a lovely pool facing the view and most rooms had their own vista. It is fair to state that we had all looked forward to this 2 night stay.

Hotel Heaven’s Edge in Ella










The rooms themselves were basic and functional. Several of our group had concerns about the cleanliness of their rooms and one or two shower heads and taps fell off but it provided a few laughs. Our meal on the first night was served in the hotel dining room and it was simple fare. The hotel did not serve alcohol and it transpired that we were staying over the religious holiday, Diwali. The hotel is normally closed during that period and for this reason, the staffing levels and services were restricted. Despite these issues, many of our ladies enjoyed the amazing views and were glad that we had experienced Heaven’s Edge.

The Sun Sets at Heaven’s Edge


Nightie Night













Our arrival at the hotel near Galle Fort was delayed and so it was dark when we drove up alongside the Citrus Leisure. This was a modern beachside hotel popular with locals for weddings and celebrations. We were excited to learn that we had received upgraded rooms and it wasn’t long before we were refreshed and enjoying our evening meal in the buffet style restaurant.

Photos copied from the hotel website

Citrus HikkaduwaCitrus Hikkaduwa

Later that evening some of the ladies found the bar and a great session of karaoke and dancing followed. Sean showed us that not only did he have an amazing general knowledge, but he also could sing!


Dancing LLL ladies

Our singing hosts










The Voices of Angels














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