The Middle

Staying at any of the casinos on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard between Cromwell and Harrah’s is a bit like living on a freeway. The foot traffic is pretty much nonstop 24/7/365 and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. The sidewalks are narrow and cutting through the casinos is often the best way to get around. There is always music and usually a bit of madness. And this isn’t an upscale shopping mall crowd. These are just regular people enjoying Las Vegas. Room rates are pretty reasonable in this neighborhood and there is plenty of fast food and even some cheap drinks to be found if you pay attention. Because of the concentration of casinos and entertainment and the middle class crowd, this part of the Strip feels more like Downtown than any other. Its main street is the Linq Promenade, a fun place to hang out, have a drink and people watch. And, if you want to rise above it all for a bit, the High Roller is a great choice. Whether staying in this part of the Strip is the right choice for you depends on your budget and whether or not the description above sounds awesome or awful. For me, I kind of like it.

(Note: the blog will be silent tomorrow in remembrance of the 58 souls we lost one year ago and the thousands more whose lives were forever altered by the events of the night of October 1.)

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