The Linq

There are still a few signs here and there of what the Linq used to be but you almost have to know where to look. For most of its existence, it was the Imperial Palace, a hotel which was neither imperial nor a palace. Mostly known for cheap rooms, bad buffets (there were actually two for a short time,) an automobile exhibit that no one ever had to pay for and the skimpy outfits on their cocktail waitresses, it did have its devoted fans. For the rest of us, it was a bit of an eyesore and few were sorry to see it go. In its place is the Linq, a place which actually feels kind of cool. There’s a party pool, a Guy Fieri restaurant, a VR attraction, a sports bar with hundreds of craft beers and (if you want to feel 12 again,) you can book a room with bunk beds. And the rooms turned out to be wonderfully average, which is a big step forward. The place does have a high “bro quotient” and seems to attract people who want to have lots of alcohol-infused fun. You need not be one of them, but it would probably help.

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