The Langham, Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is a city in the Southern part of China with an immediate border to Hong Kong. It’s a very convenient 45 minutes journey to the city from Hong Kong by both taxi and public transportation. We enjoyed staying at The Langham Hotel in London so much two years ago so we were intrigued to see how the establishment would be in China. You will find that when you visit China, the standards to hospitality can be very different. A five star hotel in Europe could very much feel like a six star property here in China.

We visited around Christmas and New Years so all the decorations were still up. The decor of the hotel is similar to its London branch with the traditional and classic style. I love leather sofas, arm chairs and beautiful fireplaces. Even though the fireplaces are not working fires, they are beautiful to look at. A fireplace in a room just makes it all that bit more classy. Who agrees with me?

As we arrived the girls were approached by staff to give them each a lolly and a rose. What a great way to steal the hearts of little humans.

We booked a deluxe room for the five of us. We added an extra bed and a cot to our king size bed room. The rooms are spacious so actually, even with all the add ons it was not too cramped. Usually when we travel with our housekeeper, we tend to book two separate rooms to have more space. When visiting a Langham make sure you book a room with club access as they offer all day refreshments and its just nice to have a place that isn’t too crowded to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. I think this is especially important when you decide to travel at tourist peak months. Our room had a wonderful bath, which if we really wanted to, probably could have all fit in. The refreshments cabinet really captured my attention. Not only did it look sophisticated, it fits everything you could need or think of. Would love to have one of these in my reading room at home.

We had our breakfast at the club everyday. It is a really nice environment and the staff spoke amazing English. Believe it or not, having a husband who looks Chinese but does not speak it is more difficult in China than you would imagine. Everybody ends up turning to me to ask “and why does your husband not speak?” (Sigh…) What can I say… I always say “he’s not mute, there’s nothing wrong with him, he is just Chinese by look but British by blood”. I know that may not be completely true, but I am just so tired of being asked this that over the years, this has become my regular answer.

The breakfast is simple but delicious at the Club. It has a simple buffet with the option to order hot food from a menu including a daily special which changes regularly. There are Asian options along with bakery choices and English breakfast if that is what you fancy. At the club you can also enjoy lovely afternoon tea just like you would in any of a number of luxury hotels in London. I must admit, I am really starting to miss afternoon tea. Yummy…

These patisserie almost all look too good to eat. Not only do they look beautiful they are all delicious. You can also ask for warm scones with matcha cream and clotted cream. It just does not get any better than this.

In Asia it is still relatively warm in the winter so enjoying the swimming pool and the spa is a must when we travel. We spent some time in the pool which the girls always love and I got to have an amazing aromatherapy massage at the spa. I would definitely recommend it. It is not cheap though I must say, but it is definitely worth it. Value for money is all that I am after. As long as I don’t feel like I have overpaid, then I am okay to be honest.

If you do have the chance, visit the hotel’s SILK restaurant on the second floor. It serves buffet. The desserts section of the buffet is absolutely fabulous! The rest of the buffet is great too. I especially enjoyed the salad bar and the seafood bit. I don’t often find a buffet in China that does not induce a digestive disaster so I am grateful for the hygiene and standard of The Langham Hotel in Shenzhen.

This hotel is a short 20 minutes by car to my grandmother’s house so I can comfortably say that I can use this as our base whenever we go back for a visit. We later found out that it is also 20 minutes by taxi to my husband’s grandmother’s place in the opposite direction so this is just perfect location for the both of us when our primary objective for visiting Shenzhen is to visit relatives. The hotel is also conveniently connected to a shopping mall which has a variety of local restaurants, retail shops and a new children soft-play area which we visited on a few occasions.

I am delighted with The Langham Hotel in Shenzhen, China. It is a classic, traditional establishment with top notch services. It ticks all my boxes and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will definitely be visiting again when we have a chance. Even if it is not to stay, I will be back to order a slice of cake from the bakery and a lovely cup of Americano.

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