The Job hunt!

I have had a mid 20’s epiphany that writing about philosophy is an utter waste of time and one involved in writing could be deemed to be a boring person *Guilty*. So, the mid 20’s realization of mine is, don’t write about philosophy until you are either too successful or too damn rich or sitting in a bar with friends who are too drunk. As of now, I am an utter failure searching for an accidental find of a dollar or two from the jeans pant that I have put in laundry bag and a complete sober while I am doing this penny hunt.

So, let me stick to anecdotes and make your reading time a little less boring.

There was a time when I and my friend were desperately looking for part time jobs. Had been sitting for few interviews but was getting turned down because they needed a full time employee and my student visa permitted me to work only a stipulated time per week. But, after few rejections we had realized that let’s park our attempt for some white collar jobs and start looking for casual jobs. The main advantage of casual jobs are that you can choose your own shifts, to some extent, and earn money on a need basis. So, we started making a list of best casual jobs around Sydney. As we were making some list we realized that it would be great if we got into some hotel.

The advantages being:

  • Good hourly pay.
  • Best way to make connection
  • We loved hospitality jobs
  • The simple honest to GOD reason being that, working at a hotel lets you carry home lots of food for free. FREE! FREE!

It was that time of my stay that I had just started to cook and was a little lazy enough to cook three course meals. So, any invite for free food, free take away would never be missed. Don’t get me wrong, it was just a phase of leaving from your comfort zone and I had become a little too comfy in my comfort zone. Blame the Inertia, not me!

Jolted down the Indian restaurants around Uni and around our house as well. Prepared tailored resumes which truthfully lied that we had past experiences of working at restaurants back in India. Our common hotels of visits were added as the places of work with contacts of our friends from India as the managers of that hotel. We were so confident that we would be hired we had already given heads up to few references on the resume letting them know that if you receive any call for background check tell them I worked at his hotel and was a good performer. Is it still a lie if there is a good happening for another?  

While all this was cooking let me take a little detour. In our property where I stayed, there was another tenant staying. A pretty Indian or Afghani origin girl, ethnicity uncertain. *Blushu, Blushu, Blushu* Unfortunately, never got a chance to speak to her as I always met her either while I was leaving my apartment or while she was leaving the apartment. So, it was all just Hi’s and byes happening and I really did not want to give out a creep vibe to her. And if luck had a love child with opportunity it would be this. The Afghani or Indian origin girl happened to work at a Turkish restaurant, Erciyes Restaurant, which was right around the corner from my house and thought I can ask her for any vacancy at her hotel, which can turn into a conversation starter. That’s when my love for Falafels reached new bounds. Before anything could begin, she left our apartment. No, I DID NOT creep vibe her into  leaving the apartment.
This happened and I moved on, but the hunt for casual restaurant job was still being pursued.

Using the ancient art of Jugaad *Definition for those who don’t know the word* we concurred that since she has left the apartment there is a slight chance that she has quit her job, which means there is a vacancy. Right when this realization hit us I and my friend were standing in front of the hotel with our crafter Resumes. And if bad luck and worst timing had protected intercourse even then the swimmer reached the egg and the love child would be this. The girl, who had left, standing at the counter with that pretty smile and asking what would you like to order. And there I was with no planned reaction blurted out this with all the swag I can muster, “Actually, I and my friend here are organizing a party for 20 people, so is it possible to book for a table? And can I get some Vegetarian options as well.” To which she was like “That’s great, Yes! we do have party rooms available and also if you fix your party on Friday then we have evening special Belly Dance arranged. So would you like to make some down payment?” Thing is, I had just enough money to pay my bills, to which I was like “That’s great, I would like to check the menu and give you a call once I have confirmed the number of people and the menu” So took a Erciyes Restaurant visiting card and walked out of that place. Blame my inferior ego, not me!

The reaction from my friend was something that I have to sensor it out.

She was still working in that place the last time when I went to get a Falafel roll and we did continue our Hi and Bye’s conversation. I have a strong feeling it cannot proceed any further.

But, times have been good and I and my friend are doing really good with our new jobs now. So far so great :)

Little things like this makes best stories. Good luck to all those heading out trying something new and out of your comfort zone. Trust me, you will question your decision a few times when things are not working your way but it will all be worth it in the end.

Satish Bapat

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