The Hotel Room – Part #1

“Something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover.. Something in the way she woos me.. Somewhere in her smile she knows.. That I don’t need no other lover.. Something in her style that shows me.”

That’s the song my phone is playing me right now. I had been waiting to receive her at the Junction since the last 15 minutes or so when I heard the announcement – “Delhi-Hyderabad superfast express is arriving shortly on platform no. 4

I adjusted my sun-glasses and pulled off my earphones. After another few minutes of waiting, I finally spotted her getting down carrying a small handbag on one shoulder holding the ticket between the lips. I got up. She was tiling her head on one shoulder where her phone was resting. Maybe she was trying to call me.

I got up and started walking.

Our eyes met and she recognized me. She waved a small ‘hi’ with a wide smile. I smiled back. Out of courtesy, I offered to help her with the luggage.

“Let me take that.”

“No no. It’s okay really!”

It’s kind of intimidating when you meet a woman who can take care of her shit.


By this time the ticket was crumbled up and thrown away. I had booked a cab to the hotel and was waiting for it to arrive.

(phone rings)

“haan bhaiyya.. station ke samne hoon.. 5832”

“haan aa rha hoon.. desire hai na white wali?”

“haan bhaiyya”

Chivalry has found some way into my blood I believe. I opened the car’s door and looked at her.

“So you’re gonna open the door and all for me haan?”

“Just pretending to be well mannered and nice.”

“Thank you!” (with a charming smile)

I was drooled over already. After a ride of about 15 minutes we reached the hotel and moved into the room together. I carefully positioned her belongings on the small table and turned towards her.

“You can just freshen up and then we can go eat something outside.”

(she smiles at me faintly)


By this time it was sort of getting impossible for me to stop looking at her face and I couldn’t help praising that attire in my head. It was really doing a great job accentuating her curves. She was rocking a black top with a really deep neck and a pair of high shorts seeming so inviting I had already forgotten about the food I ordered.

“I’m gonna take a shower”

“You mind if I join?”

“Sure (winks)”

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