The Grand Floridian

Every time we went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World I’d see the Grand Floridian standing majestically off in the distance. We’d ride the monorail for fun and get a glimpse of the Victorian hotel as we sat at the station waiting for hotel guests to board. I always wondered what the inside looked like! And, I wasn’t the only one who was curious. On one of our Disney vacations, my parents decided they wanted to see the beautiful resort. So we took some time to go visit the Grand Floridian. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and splendor of it all! It was elegant, sophisticated and definitely fit for a princess! Ever since that day, I told myself I would stay there at some point in my life. I dreamed of being a guest at that Victorian palace! And, my dream came true.

On the last night of our honeymoon at Disney World (thanks to military discounts), my husband and I were able to stay at the Grand Floridian! It was everything I had dreamed it would be. There were huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a sleek, black grand piano in the lobby. The rooms were furnished with beautiful Victorian furniture, adorned with a few hidden Mickeys of course ;) . During the afternoon, Cinderella and Prince Charming paraded down the staircase into the lobby and invited all of the children to parade around with them (appropriately named the Princess Promenade). In addition to the grandeur of the hotel, every meal we ate at the Grand Floridian was scrumptious! Then, maybe most magically of all, as nighttime approached, we realized that our room had a perfect view for the fireworks! We stared in awe from the patio of our room as the sky was illuminated with every “boom!” and “crack!”

If you dream of staying at the Grand Floridian, and you are able (and willing) to splurge on it for just one night, my suggestion is to end your stay with it. Every hotel I’ve stayed at on Disney’s property is amazing! But staying anywhere on your trip after the Grand Floridian might be a disappointment since it is absolutely magical!

Our stay at the Grand Floridian may have only been one night, but it was completely worth it, and definitely a dream come true!


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