The Flamingo

Whenever you feel like you want to say something mean about the Flamingo, just keep in mind that the old gal is in her 70’s now and she looks pretty good for her age. Besides, if you want to see what a casino looked like 25 years ago, this place is a living museum. Staying here is very affordable and it is right in the middle of the Strip so there’s always a crowd. The pool is still above average, the Wildlife Habitat is very peaceful and Margaritaville is pretty good fun. For an hour every afternoon, they will sell you a draft beer for a shiny nickel. Donny & Marie perform here so it’s got that going for it, which is nice. They are refurbishing a bunch of the rooms here and they are actually pretty nice. If you stay here, see if they’ll let you sleep in one. This is a working class kind of place to stay and play so, if that bothers you, steer clear. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy a little bit of Vegas the way she used to be.

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