The Daulat Boutique Hotel

Tum Tum Tum… Dum Dum Dum… Diu Diu Diu… was all I could remember that night in The Daulat Boutique Hotel. I had a nightmare.

The quaint and peculiar facade

As its name reflects Daulat aka royalty/daring/bold/wealthy, it probably could have been more than that. Instead, The Daulat strikes me as a rather quaint and peculiar boutique hotel along Madras Street. It’s like a huge, super spikey, super smelly Durian with empty shells that captures your attention. Rather confident on the outside but its insides beg to differ.

The Lobby

The lobby, by its right, has a dining area with a small kitchenette that seems to be unused. It is not big, it is not fanciful either as with other hotels (and definitely not of a royal calibre) but I can tell that they had put in effort in decorating it.

What captured me was the pretty intricate lamps hanging over the dining table and I like them as they tell much about the design of the Indians. Also, they provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to guests in the late evening. I would consider buying them for my house!

I’ve read a review (posted by someone) about its unattended front desk resulting in that person having to check in late, which was horribly bad. Thankfully, it didn’t happened to us. We arrived half an hour earlier than our check-in time and they quickly gave us access to our room, The Loft Suite.

All 16 rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors, including the lofts. Our room is located on the top floor and swimming pool is on the 2nd floor.

The Swimming Pool and ‘Club’ Privileges

The first thing that you’ll want to visit is its swimming pool, which I find that it’s overly rated on Instagram or Facebook.

George and the Pool

At only a height of 1.2m, it could only take up a maximum of about 8 people (if they are not swimming laps). Any kind of Unicorn or Pony float that you are thinking of bringing along, I think you can put them aside. Because it’ll create traffic.

George taking a rest

Tiny and compact as it is, Daulat makes use of every little space they have to conjure entertainment or of some use. Extra space? build a swimming pool, put some chairs and tables and a couple of sun tanning loungers. Expect no gym or spa services (but you can find them along the streets of Dunlop or Madras Street!)

What about Club Lounge and exclusive privileges? Try the club next to it. Exclusively in and for the night.

Our Loft Suite

The door that needs an extra push to close it.

The very beautiful brick wall

I couldn’t really figure out whether I like this room. First, it looks like a chalet except that it’s more well-furnished and fine-tuned. Second, it provides extra stuff that we don’t need. Don’t get me wrong. I like to have more, but more of things that I don’t need is redundant to me.

Apart from that, I love the wooden floors and ceiling, which is reminiscent of the old shophouse. The smell of the organic wood and the creaking of the floors make a cosy, warm atmosphere. But I realised both of my feet became dusty after sweeping my bare feet across the room, so I resorted to their bedroom slippers. Hmmmm, could do some mopping over here.

TV set for playing Wii or PS4 and non bluetooth speaker

There were two sets of mounted digital TVs in the room. One on the ground level and the other on the loft. Well, I would expect the TV set on the ground level to be for a group of people playing Playstation 4 or Wii. But it wasn’t of any use for us.

No sight of safe

There were two sets of phones and aircons as well. I thought that the aircon provided upstairs will be sufficient enough. Because whenever we went downstairs, it was freezing cold. (Cold air sinks)

Though with so many extras, there are things lacking as well. The room lacks a fridge to keep our food or drinks cold. It also lacks a safe (just in case you people out there might want to store your valuables), which means your things are not safe in the room. So please do yourself a favour and take along your valuables whenever you leave the room.

The Bathroom

Warm and cosy lighting

Bathroom has quite a small space and a rather poor maintenance, especially the shower cubicle. While the shower cubicle boasts a rain shower, its vinyls were a bit peeling off and there were algae stuck at the sharp edges. I was almost carefully avoiding the edges.

Toothbrush sets, Combs, Sanitary kits, shower caps, shampoo and conditioner

Toiletries were basic except that we couldn’t find cotton buds or sewing kits around when we needed them. No body lotion, which I would love to have. Towels were fresh though, with the warm, just-after-wash kind of scent.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn on the water heater, which is located right next to the entrance of the door room. If not, you risk walking around stark naked.

The Bed

Wooden ceiling

Before you get to the most important part of the staycay, you need to make your energy worth of climbing the stairs, which can be a hassle especially when all of your necessities are at the ground floor.

I need my phone and my Nachos. Time to take a wee. Oh wait, I need to brush my teeth as well. And I forgot George. -.-

Like how many times must I climb the stairs! Forget about living in two storey houses.

You kinda know how big the bed is

The loft has got a TV to chill and netflix, a phone set next to your bed in case you needed something from the front desk and a mirror mounted on the wall, which I found it of convenience because you get to look at yourself before bed. Haha

Anyhow, the bed isn’t all that fantastic as with its size. Not a king, not a queen, maybe a full size bed with a clean, adequate quilt. Enough to fit a couple and maybe your pet dog? Nothing fancy about the bed and it wasn’t of much help when it comes to the middle of the night.

The Balcony

Oh I love the balcony. It’s small enough for two people and that’s enough.

Morning View

Evening View

Sometimes being in the air-con room might feel a little stuffy and the best place to have a breather is the balcony. You may want to take a look at the streets, cuddle a bit with your spouse or even take a smoke with your bestie. Whatever it is, you get a good view of some of the buildings and shophouses of Little India. Down below, you get to see people strolling along Madras Street. Nostalgic.

Whoops! Again?

We figured that everytime we book a staycay, we will encounter some sort of problem or blessing. And it really did happen again at The Daulat.

The air-con at the second level was spewing out warm air right into our faces. So we called up the front desk and blah blah blah. Serviceman comes in to repair afterward.

To compensate us, they gave us the other loft room just in case our room’s air-con is not fixed. So technically, we had two rooms to choose to sleep at that night. But then what’s the point if we can’t sleep in the room that we booked right?

An opportunity to take pictures of the other loft

Loft space at the top was almost the same as our room

We were given room 304 to rest while the servicing went on. The room was a bit smaller but almost the same. The toilet was in a weird kind of design where the sink is placed outside and the shower cubicle is with the toilet.

Thankfully, air-con was fixed and everything was well again. But because there wasn’t a safe for us to keep our valuables, we had to shift everything into the other room while the servicing commenced. So how safe is our room? Not safe.

What to do?

Shophouses and a few hotels on Dunlop Street

A pub opening its doors in the evening

If you like markets, roadside stores, cheap thrills and good local Indian food, Little India has it. Besides, Little India still does retain its cultural side like places of worship, historical shophouses, etc. You can even join Monster Tours which is a free tour conducted at certain days and timings. I pretty much like the tour because it was interesting to know more about the preserved cultural heritage over here.

Check them out here.

Green signboard: Bismillah Briyani

Craving for bryani, we went to Three-time Michelin Bib Gourmand Award Winner, Bismillah Bryani, which serves one of the best authentic Dum Briyani. And I kid you not.

Chicken Briyani w Mango Lassi

We ordered the chicken briyani and kid goat briyani. The chicken briyani comes with a hard boiled egg while the kid goat briyani doesn’t. The thigh in my chicken briyani was so tender that the meat easily comes off. BCooked to perfection, the Basmati rice was long and fluffy, brightly coloured because of the saffron and spices. Moreover, the rice was not too wet or too dry which allows the yoghurt-like gravy to coat, not soak, every grain of it.

Kid Goat Briyani w light gravy

Unlike some other Briyanis, this dish is not oily at all. Whoever says Briyani needs to be oily and curried with? The fresh fragrant aroma emanating from it just perks up all of your senses and once you taste it, that’s it.

Compare to Banana Appolo Leaf Briyani from my previous post here Park22Hotel.

Long, full and fluffy

The mutton in the briyani also didn’t have any strong mutton smell as well which makes the dish palatable. I personally liked the kid goat briyani because the meat was pleasantly tender and well spiced.

We highly recommend this place for good, authentic Briyani. But everyone’s preference is different. Some would liked the authentic and some liked the other version of Briyani. Anyhow, this dish is so deliciously good that you feel like buying for your whole family to eat after that. What we regretted was not ordering medium portions.

After dinner, don’t forget to take a visit at Mustafa Center which opens 24 hours and sells really cheap gadgets, household products, medicines, fashion and groceries! Or you can take a 14 minutes walk to the hipster Haji Lane where you can find boutique shops and hipster bars for drinks.


No matter how fancy or cosy this hotel appears to be, comfort is lacking unfortunately due to its location. Though accessibility to the MRT is just a mere 6 minutes walk away, the night clubs and pubs made our night almost impossible to sleep. Not to mention that it doesn’t come with a safe and a fridge (which is so important!).

We didn’t bothered to go for breakfast because the breakfast was as bad as it looks on reviews left by others. So we decided to head to Hi Five 65 Thai Muslim coffee shop to have prata.

No doubt The Daulat boutique hotel has a beautiful facade and design, but we find it no more of a mediocre standard. Well, at least they provided us an alternative when something went wrong with our room! We really appreciate that.

One night in Daulat, left us a lot of impression.

[154++ SGD per night with Easter Package]
Cleanliness: 5.5/10
Facilities: 6/10
Service: 7.8/10
Overall rating: 6.5/10

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