The Christmas holiday.

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and most people are excited about it. It’s that time of year for people to come together and celebrate as family and friends, share sweet memories as well as delicacies.It’s one of the most celebrated christian holidays. It’s even celebrated by non-christians and even non-believers. during this time, people get an opportunity to go out on vacations, visit friends and family, just stay at home and rest, as for others it is a time to get to work and earn a little cash. I talked to some of the people and this is what they had to say about Christmas

Eastlyf: Hello sir, what’s your name?

Lawrence: My name is Lawrence Murimi.

Eastlf: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Lawrence: Yes, I always celebrate it.

Eastlyf: And what does it mean to you?

Lawrence: To me, Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Eastlyf: What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

Lawrnce: Christmas to me, I enjoy most celebrating with the family members who are far away, they come home, we eat together, create memories and we have fun and that.

Easlfy: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Sam: Yes I do, yes I do.

Eastlfy: What does Christmas mean to you?

Sam: This marks the day Jesus Christ was born and God’s beloved son who died for our sins, yeah, we embrace him very much.

Eastlyf: what do you like most about Christmas?

Sam: The most interesting part of Christmas is the family gatherings.

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