The Best Winter Dishes to Try This Year in Punta Mita

Best Winter Dishes to Try This Year in Punta Mita.png

There’s a saying that if we were meant to stay in one place, then we’d have roots and not feet.

As the radiant light of the fireplace dances passionately in our eyes, we sit comfortably against the cushion on the couch. A warm, wool scarf wrapped around our neck, the colorful, patterned socks barely keeping our toes warm, and a sizzling cup of hot chocolate in our hands—this is the beauty of winter.

But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your home, hibernating for infinity and beyond.

So many individuals make plans for a vacation around summertime but forget that winters have their own charm.

In fact, winter is the season to pack your bags and head towards Punta Mita—the pearl of Mexico!

And if you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, it can’t be done without exploring the mouthwatering Mexican cuisine!

Spice up your life and make sure to try these incredible dishes while you’re vacationing in the Eden of Earth:

Let’s Taco ’Bout It!

Now, you can get good tacos at any restaurant down the street from your house. But we’re talking about authentic tacos that are guaranteed to blow you away!

And these can be found in the heart of Punta Mita (Pssst: we also call the place Tacos and Papas!)

So, if you’re looking for those scrumptious, mouthwatering, too-good-to-resist tacos, head down to Tacos and Papas!

The best part? You get a choice between corn, chicken, and beef! Top it up with guacamole or salsa and you’ve got a deal-licious deal!

Hey, Margarita!

If you’re feeling a little frisky and want an oversized margarita, let us tell you the secret to finding one: go to Margarita’s!

Ask for a Cadillac and you’ll get an extra shot of liquor. Margarita’s is located outdoors on the beach so you get a brilliant view of the sea, all while sipping your favorite drink!

What more could one ask for?

A Que at Mexique!

Now, if you want something organic that’s the envy of all your friends, then head down to Mexique! It’s a 10-minute drive from the center of the town.

The “restaurant” itself is a thatched hut located on an organic garden. But the meals are to die for!

The owner creates his dishes using the produce from his garden so you’re getting organic ingredients and healthy food!

It’s killing two birds with one stone.

And if you’re looking for live music and dinner to go with, make sure to book a room with Casa Caballo!

Explore the beauty of Punta Mita, while making the most of your stay at the Punta Mita vacation rental. Visit their website to learn more about the details!

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