The 2019 Shower Gellies™

The Oscars as anyone walking on the red carpet this evening is fully aware always coincides with the Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™. Since 2006 I have been championing, but mostly lamenting hotels’ judgement in what kind of shower gel, if any, they leave for their guests in their bathrooms.

It has always been a personal source of stupefaction of how some supply enough to run five bubble baths and others offer absolutely nothing, and the quality and cost of the hotel has no bearing whatsoever.

Anyways I have an odd fascination with hotels and I’ve had some fun with it these last 14 years, but I have made the decision that these awards will be the final year of my much lauded Shower Gellies™.

Little plastic bottles of shower gel are not something I longer want to advocate or defend, so I am not going to. I dread to think how many of these single use plastic instruments are wasted and where they end up. Therefore, wishing that hotel rooms have a big supply of little plastic bottles when I wheel in my suitcase no longer makes me happy. The opposite in fact.

More and more hotels and their owners and operators thankfully have also seen the light and in the last year many offered up multi-use refillable containers, and it is to them I will reward my final Chicago Addick Shower Gellies™ to:

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