Taj Hotel In Kodaikanal – A Luxury Retreat


India is a land of contrasts and diverse landscapes, among these the popular tourist destinations are hill stations and beach resorts. One of the most preferred luxury hotel destination is the Taj. The hotel is ideal for luxury customers who look for unique travel experience. Taj is one of the few hotel chains in the world that retains the old world glamour and the affluence of the new world. The hotel brings a new dimension to grandeur with exotic chandelier, high ceilings, fine dining and more. The highly professional staff at the Taj ensure the functions of the hotel go about in a flawless manner.

At the Taj Hotel in Kodaikanal, they know how to pamper their guests and hence have a steady list of visitors from across the country and globe. The one word that can define The Taj group of hotel is Class. Taj offers Palace type hotels, beach resorts, hill resorts and more to meet the demand of the customers. It is here Classic meets Modernity. In the case of classic, you can find colonial building in the business district like in the case of Oberoi Grand in Kolkata. The row of suites and the colossal furniture takes you back to the past.

If you are looking for ultra luxury hotels in Kodaikanal, The Taj is the ideal destination. Here you can find visitors who want to take the off beaten track and explore the hills. Once you have decided your destination, it is time you make a reservation immediately, particularly to avoid the seasonal rush. Top hotels in Kodaikanal are booked months in advance and to get the best day plan your travel. Inorder to avoid heavy traffic ensure you make a booking during off season. Even 5 star hotels have lean periods and take advantage of it.

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