Summer 2018 and Looking forward to More trips…

Summer 2018 has officially started, and the heat is just too much. The scorching sun burns your skin and even small movements, are enough to make one sweaty.. However, looking at the bright side, the scorching heat is also a very good reason to go on an out of town trip with family and friends. Summer is one of the best times of the year to bond and get together with people dear to you.

Recently, my family and I, went to Sta. Maria, Bulacan Philippines, to spend quality time with my husband’s childhood friends and former neighbors. We went to Villa Esperanza in Pulong Buhangin Sta. Maria, Bulacan and spent a day swimming with dear friends.

Upon arriving to the resort , we were welcomed by some staff with warm smiles and offered carts that we can all use to easily carry our bags and stuff. Also there is the big “I  ❤ Villa Esperanza” letters where you can take an Instagram and Facebook worthy groupies and a selfies. Officially,that was when we all agreed that, that is the start of a great day.



We were escorted by a staff to our cottage, we occupied 4 cottages, since we are more than 30 persons in this trip. Beside the cottages that were assigned to us, is a grill corner that allowed us to cook our food and have barbecues and grilled some liempos. Also just beside the cottage where we prepared our foods, is a sink, so it was really easy for us to clean up after we have our meals.


Cottages price range starts at 500php up to 1500php,  and their entrance fee is 180php for Day Swimming and 230php for Overnight Swimming. They also have free parking lots and shower areas are available in different parts of the resort.


Villa Esperanza has multiple pools that is perfect for all ages. I believe they have 12 pools for their patrons to enjoy, also a jacuzzi is available, however, I did not bother to try the jacuzzi, as there were some patrons, who didn’t seem to want to let others use it

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