Strangers in the Night

I came in at 11pm.

No check ins left. The hotel is sold out for the evening.

I count the draw. I count the water and the beer in the fridge. I print out the downtime report. I print out the arrival summaries.  I do the bucket check. I print out the express checkouts. I slid the express checkouts under the correct doors.

I go out to smoke at 1am.

I bring in the trash from the front porch. I sweep. I mop. I clean the gym.

I eat dinner at 2am.

I run the night audit at 2:30am.

I have not seen even one guest at a this evening.

Everyone had a long hard day and now it’s time for a long hard sleep.

Tomorrow is Saturday. They will wake up around 9am, do whatever they came here to do and go home.

I will leave at 7am.

There’s around 200 people sleeping in the same building I am in right now.

And I will never meet any of them.

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