So excited for Copper creek at Disney’s Wilderness lodge resort

I’m literally grinning ear to ear every time I think of staying at our new DVC home resort of Copper creek.

Ever since I first walked in to wilderness lodge I just felt at home, but with prices around £400 a night, I never thought it would be an option for our trips to WDW.

That was until we bought in to DVC, now we own points at Copper creek which is one of the DVC resorts within wilderness lodge. Now my dream of coming “home” to Wilderness lodge will come true later this year.

As you can see Copper creek is located just over check in in the main lobby at Wilderness lodge. They also have the cabins which are located outside by the lake. But we certainly don’t have enough points to stay in them, maybe one day- are you listening mike!

We all LOVE the lobby, during “A”s first trip at 5 months old we had a meal at Whispering canyon with my family. “A” was so over tired and for those who don’t know, this restaurant can get very very loud. And for those that do know, imagine trying to get a sleepy baby asleep while the whole place is shouting “pass the ketchup” every few minutes haha. I decided I would skip eating and go sit in the lobby with Alexis. You’d probably think I would be in a right grump having to miss my food because let’s face it I love food. But honestly it’s one of my all time favourite memories, sitting on the rocking chairs next to the fire with my sleeping baby. A cast member even came over and offered me a blanket and to see if I’d like a drink.

We got to take that little tiny baby back to sit by the fire place last year when she was 5 years old. I couldn’t help feel emotional.

The whole “feel” of the resort is definitely our “vibe”. When we did the DVC tour we were given the option of the Polynesian or Copper creek. It literally took us 2 seconds to choose, we knew we were more “blanket snuggly people ” than “tiki people”.

We’ve never stayed in the rooms yet but from the tour and other people’s videos/ photos they are amazing. We will be staying in a studio this time, which is a bit of a change for us as since 2010 we have stayed in 1 or 2 bedroom villa’s. I think the main thing we’re going to miss is the washer/ dryer. Sad I know! We’ve got so used to being able to take very little clothes and being able to just throw them in the wash when leaving for the parks in the morning and popping them in to dry when we go out later in the day. It just means we’ll have to spend more time at the pool while doing the washing ;-) things could most certainly be worse haha.

Here’s some photos of the deluxe studio

During this trip we will only be staying at Copper creek for the first 6 nights, before moving over to the hard rock hotel and then a 1 bedroom villa at Animal kingdom lodge Kidani village. Next year however we have a much longer stay planned.

I just can’t get over how lucky we are to be able to call this place our home resort. It’s truly something we never thought would happen and something we will never take for granted. I say this as I’m currently wearing my DVC hoodie :-)

Thanks for reading.

Have a magical day

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