Sin City

Okay, so i’m going to throw it right back to 2014, my first and only time in Vegas. Bare with because it was a long long time ago and I can’t find most of the photos, but it is a super cool place and if anyone is thinking about going, this little, very average guide maybe able to help you out, or if you’ve just every wondered what its like.

Vegas is such a unique place, I don’t think i’ve been anywhere like it before and definitely haven’t seen anything like it since. First of all, if anyone is thinking of going to Vegas, it’s great if you’re over 21, if you’re under its still cool to see but there really isn’t that much to do. I went when I left school, so I was 16, as a 16 year old there is a number of things you cannot do…

  1. Walk in the casino
  2. Go in any of the bars
  3. Gamble
  4. See certain shows e.g Cayote Ugly

SO, as Vegas goes, you’re pretty restricted. Although i’m glad I went, I know it drove my parents up the wall because they could’t experience it to the full extent due to myself hanging around.

Also, Vegas is HOT. Super hot. I’m talking sauna hot, melt your skin off hot, volcanic hot. The good news is, you can walk through malls and hotels, that blast you with sweet, soothing air con. But, if you hate heat, or burn faster than a speeding bullet, you might want to think about loading up on factor 50 and finding the biggest sun hat you can find.


All negativity aside, Vegas can be super fun and the best part about Vegas, especially being a kid, is looking at all the hotels, riding the rollercoaster on the New York New York hotel, the fast food, and watching people gamble from afar *cry*.

The New York New York Vegas

So, these photos are the New York New York hotel, the hotel I stayed in. Obviously, the design is that of a New York skyline. This hotel is great for kids to stay in, primarily because of the rollercoaster on the top.

My favourite thing about the hotel was the fact that when I was there it had three Starbucks in it, as a chubby 16 year old, my ass lived off coffee based caramel frappuccinos. (Fun fact, I recently worked at Starbucks, after having to make these bad boys, I honestly regret putting all that sugar in my body). Fun facts aside, super cool place, would 10/10 recommend.

The Bellagio and their botanical gardens

Another favourite hotel of mine is the Bellagio. This is because of these amazing gardens inside the hotel. Another great thing about the hotel? The insane fountain display after. Unfortunately, my 16 year old self apparently didn’t film the display, however, if you’re interested in it, there are plenty of youtube videos of it, so don’t worry.

The rest if the strip

So, to sum up, Vegas is a weird and wonderful place and if you’re thinking of going, check out ALL the hotels, including the malls inside hotels. Yeah, they’re really that big, in case you’re curious, here’s some more photos of other hotels an the strip in general. Enjoy.

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