Sheki was one of the oldest and most ancient settlements in Azerbaijan and it was created 2700 years ago at the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Ridge Mountains (370 km north-west of Baku). Throughout the millennium, the city has been subjected to disassembly many times, as a result of which the historical and architectural monuments dating back to the 16th-19th centuries were written down. The Sheki Khan Palace, one of the most beautiful pearls of the period, was proud of all the figures, built in 1762, and at one time it was not used in the construction. Throughout the centuries, Sheki has been recognized as one of the main centers of cultivation, cattle, tobacco, fruits, vegetables and wheat fields. Marxal Holiday Resort is one of the picturesque places of Azerbaijan. The Museum of History, the crafty masters of art, is home to the Art House, a small part of the medieval Caravansaray (which has been restored and used as a hotel for several


years now), which will be of interest to tourists. Jewelry, pottery, potash, sweets are popular not only in Azerbaijan, but also abroad.

Sheki is also famous for its 18th-century Khan’s Summer Palace. The two-storey building is decorated with various frescoes (one length of 25m) and with gangs(glass processing with fine dyes) (north side of the city). In addition, the palace looks at the castle, which is one of the factors attractive to it. Taking into consideration the two gates of the tower, the constellations intended for guarding the northern and southern sides and the restoration of the 1960s, this castle is one of the best survivors in the castles in Azerbaijan. There are two museums behind the castle walls. Sheki Museum of History is rich in historical artifacts dating back to different periods (including the remains of trade and silk production). The other is the church of the 19th century, and it is still functioning as an Art Museum.

If you are on your way to the Sheki, visit the Hamam and the three mosques, especially the Friday and Gileyli mosques. Of course, it is impossible to note the Upper Caravansaray Hotel, located on the right bank of the newly renovated Gurchay. The lower caravanserai is located in the neighborhood and is currently used as a warehouse.

If you’re hungry, go to one of the nearby sweets shops and see the taste of Sheki Halva, which has become popular throughout the country. This sweets shop is located near the gardens of Gurchacay.

Do not forget to visit the 7th century Albanian churches located in the Middle Zeyzit and Kish villages north of Sheki, if you have a little time left.

Sheki has trains from many places, and you can also use the Bus Station located south of the city to go to other cities in the country.

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