Shahpura Hotel, Jaipur

Jaipur: 25th September 2018

There was an ‘optional extra’ on offer this morning. We could go to the ruined Ranthambore Fort, to climb countless steps, and see the monkeys. We didn’t fancy climbing all those steps, and we saw monkeys yesterday, so we passed; we just had a leisurely breakfast, and generally lazed around the hotel grounds.

Then, it was back on to the bus, to go to Jaipur.


We were accommodated at the Shahpura House hotel, and this must rank high among the best, most opulent hotels we’ve ever stayed in. A grandly-liveried, fearsomely moustached chowkidar greeted us, and we were led into public rooms reminiscent of an Indian palace … or, maybe Hollywood’s idea of an Indian palace?


The room … or rather, suite … was just as luxurious, with its old-fashioned wood furniture and a gigantic four-poster bed. And, a balcony overlooking the swimming pool.


The bathroom offered the usual complimentary toiletries … plus a comb, toothbrush and razor. But, oddly … I had to pay to use the wifi!

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