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Before I started traveling I always thought it was too expensive, that it was just a fantasy and I’d never be able to afford such a luxurious thing. While some things related to traveling such as flight costs can be high on the money spending, there are ways to still save.

Saving throughout the year is one of the big option to do. Saving ten, twenty or thirty dollars a month can add up substantially over a year. Instead of buying Starbucks every day, cut back and buy it once a week. Or just buy it once every two weeks. This cost will add up and being able to travel will become easier financially. is a great site. But for some reason, if you download the app and book something through that, there is a discount applied. I booked a hotel in DC through the app for $87 when the site has it for $110. That’s almost a $30 saving just by booking with the app, for whatever reason I haven’t a clue.

Going off of there is an app called Ibotta. This app is a cash back  type that allows you to shop at grocery stores, Walmart, Best buy, Sears and more. This app can be great to save throughout the year. But as of the time of this post, you can also get money back through

To do this, you need to have the app. Either log in to your booking account or create one if you have not done so. Open Ibotta, search for booking and tap the booking icon. Launch the booking app through Ibotta, and if you book something Ibotta will give you 4% back. There is a catch that you have to actually check in, and it can take up to 30 days after check in to receive the cash back.

Here’s five things other things you can save on throughout your travels.

  1. Flight
  2. Hotels
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Food
  5. Luxury


First, figure out where you want to go. Whether it is two hours away for a weekend, another state, across the country or half way around the world, if you don’t know where you want to travel too, you’ll never be able to plan. So find something that interests you, if it is culture, food, fashion or just the site, it is one of the most important steps in being able to save.

Plan early. I say this because the flight is probably the most expensive thing for the whole trip. A round trip flight from Columbus to Tokyo in March is $1,200 as of writing this. I’m pretty lucky that my friend works for an airline so my cost is a third of what google is showing. But there are still ways to save on this.

Momondo. I very recently found this site through another travel blogger. I’m not affiliated with them at all nor have I purchased anything through them. The site searches all travel prices from flights to hotels to car rentals and their deals.

g fix

Google shows a round trip to Tokyo and back for $1,246 in March.

momondo flight fix

There is Momondo, for $1,152.

I’ve never used Momondo but it shows there are ways to save even on flights. It even tells you what days are more expensive then others. While it might not be drastic in savings, that’s still almost $100 back into your pocket that can be used on whatever you want on your travels. I’m sure there are other sites that do the same. Just make sure you don’t purchase one that has a large layover, unless you enjoy those.

Booking Places to Stay

Now for places to book. There are many options to choose from. I hear a lot about Airbnb though I’ve never used it. If you want to use them in a different country, double check if they are legal first. I’ve read stories of an Airbnb bring booked, only to have it cancelled on them due to the law and they have to scramble to find a place.

  • Airbnb

Prices can range for these. I’ve seen prices upwards to $700 a night, down to $40 a night. It will depend what you want and what you’re willing to shell out.

There are also guesthouses, where people will rent out a room in their home. I’ve looked into these before my first trip but have not gone this route.. This is another option to look into if you’re looking for this type of experience.

  • Hotels.

One very obvious option to choose. The prices range depending on where you are or looking to go. For travelers that like their privacy and a for sure place to sleep, this would most likely be the best option for you at an affordable price.

  • Hostels.

One of the cheapest options to choose from, ranging around the $20-$30 area a night. There are many different types, from capsole rooms to bunk beds. I’ve stayed in places with 20 others in a large room, down to just three in a small room. Some of those can be quite luxurious as well, with plenty of room for belongings, TV’s, lights and lockers. It is also surprisingly good sleep.

Travel, Hostel, Save, Wise Owl

Credit : Hostel World, Wise Owl Hostel

  • Couchsurfing

If you want free, the website couchsurfing is your go to. It’s a site where people offer up a place to stay for travelers going through. I’m a member of the site but never utilized it. You may be sleeping on someone’s couch or a guest bed, but it’s free and offers a unique experience.

Travel expenses

After you arrive at your destination, you’re most likely going to have to pay to get around. From trains to taxis, buses, Ubers and planes, it’s going to cost. A good idea is to Google the city for transportation costs and if there are any passes that you can obtain.

If you travel around Japan by the Shinkansen, it’s going to cost you substantially unless you opt for the jr pass.

Travel, Japan, Save

Japan Rail Pass Voucher

This is only valid for those that live outside of Japan and last from just a week to three weeks. This will get you around on the valid trains at the cost of just the pass which can save you money in the long run. Check the prices of everything you may use to get around before you go. If taxis are to expensive, take a train or bus.


This is hard to skip out on and dependent on the person. You can budget in regards to this, fast food and cheap chain restaurants are cheap. I found my favorite ramen shop to cost $10 a bowl, but you can find some for as low as $5 a bowl. Sushi can range from $150 per person per meal, to the conveyor style sushi for just $1 per plate. Personally I don’t skip out on eating but it’s an option. But seriously, don’t skip on meals too much.

Tempura, Travel

Pork Tempura


Luxury goods

This is another one that’s dependent on the person. Personally I don’t buy a lot for myself but for my family. If you’re someone that needs to but whatever you see in a store, consider budgeting down to just one or two things for yourself. If you’re someone who budgets throughout the year just to buy anything you see, go for it.

So there you have it, some ways to save for your travels and I hope this helps you during them! Share what you do to save!

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