Satri House excels as a boutique accommodation. Artefacts and old photographs repaints the past life of a Laotian prince…

Tucked away from the town’s spotlight, Satri House repaints the life of a Laotian prince among palm trees and overgrown bushes.

As a former residence of Prince Souphanouvong, the leader of the resistance force during the 1900s and the first president of the Republic of Laos, Satri House is a colonial grandeur that spans through villas and pavilions. It is a world of its own. Guests can easily spend one entire day relaxing inside the premise.

Image by Alison Fung

Courtesy of Satri House

The Lobby

Shadowed by arching bamboos, the entry exudes a sense of privacy. Do not be fooled as you are greeted by a small reception past the entry. It is rather an understatement of the premise. As you step through the corridor from the reception, a long rectangular pond is covered with pink lotus blooms. The library, on the opposite, sits leathery sofas and books while jazz music plays in the background. Guests are offered a welcome drink at the library, between local juices, beer or gin & tonic.

Image by Alison Fung

The Room

The refurbished Satri House reinvented its space into a boutique and artful accommodation . With only 28 rooms, it is an intimate retreat. The Deluxe Garden room is spacious, with large windows occupying the space. A king-sized bed stands in the center of the room, flanked by ornate night tables. Old photographs and local artwork hang on the walls. Two decorative, yet usable, wooden chairs stands on one side of the room, while the wall turns into doors that open wide to a deck that stretches over the garden. The toilet and dressing room takes up the left corner of the room, while the right is a full sized bathroom plastered with dark green tiles. A TV is absent from the room, which guarantees a good night’s rest.

Image by Alison Fung

The Amenities

Explore the corners and hallways of this colonial palace. A spa quarter, humble in display, is located by the pond which offers spa treatments including a Laotian massage. The twirling fan above and wildlife outside, combine into a melody that calls for a gentle afternoon nap.

There are two swimming pools to choose from. One is an elongated lap pool near the pond, where guests can avoid the crowd. The other, is the main pool, heated and lined with sunbeds. Families and couples frequent the pool, and especially in the afternoon to cool off from the scorching heat. At the far end of the pool is the hotel bar. Small in size with only four seats, and in between lush greenery, order a cocktail or two or try local Laotian liquor on ice.

Image by Alison Fung

Breakfast is served at the pavilion at the center of the premise.  Sit between yellow walls with old photographs or ask for a table on the balcony that overlooks the pond below. Try the Laotian Breakfast which is served with a fish soup noodle. The freshness of the soup was delicious and cooked to perfection.

The Hotel

Ensure to explore every corner of Satri House. Small resting pavilions, hallways with chess boards, and lounges decked with old photographs makes this premise truly a unique stay. All its rooms and villas have a different layout, and statues to mark their entrances. A wall perpendicular to the pond, is lined with colorful buddha statues, illuminated by spotlights at night.

The best way to explore Luang Prabang is on foot or by bike. Guests are granted an extra bonus at Satri House: bikes are free to rent at the hotel. Venture out to the town and explore its traditional temples and the Mekong scenery.

Courtesy of Satri House

Notes from the Writer:

We hopped onto a taxi from the airport along with a group of travelers who also lived in nearby accommodations. Within 15 minutes, we were dropped off at the entry. The staff were very courteous and guided us through the premise upon arrival. We were extremely delighted for our room, which was brightly lit with large windows. We kept most of our curtains drawn closed, as the room was right beside a walkway in the garden. Our deluxe room was USD XXXX per night which included a daily breakfast.

We explored almost all parts of the hotel, sometimes unknowingly stepped into the shared living rooms of the suites or stumbled into the extended backyards of other rooms. Almost in every corner of the hotel, you can find amazing art pieces, photographs or lush tropical greenery. The premise was definitely like a world of its own. Cycling into town took less than 15 minutes. Locals on cars and motorbikes were very courteous and will usually give way. Do ensure to lock your bikes whenever it’s parked. To reserve a stay at Satri House: here

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