Riu, Ahungalla

Riu is a massive multinational hotel chain that recently blessed the shores of Sri Lanka by opening up a hotel in Ahungalla. It’s an all-inclusive themed hotel where there’s food available 24 hours (I’m looking at you, foodies!) and many fun activities and entertainment.

We checked in at around 11am and they gave us these colour coded bands (blue for people over the age of 18 and grey for people under 18) which gives us access to every restaurant in the hotel.

Personally, the highlight of this place to me would definitely be the food. Starting from lunch and all the way to breakfast the next day, the buffet was incredible. There was quite a large selection of starters, main courses and dessert and since it’s all inclusive and unlimited (and me being the foodie I am), I went for a second serving (no shame!).

What really made my heart melt about this place was the fact that they had BABY FOOD! Quite honestly, not many (none I know of) hotels in Sri Lanka offer baby food. Since we had two kids of the ages 7 and 9 months, the baby food offer was quite convenient.

Riu has three pools (one of them an infinite pool) and one of them is a baby pool. The baby pool looked like so much fun that I was tempted to join my nephews in the pool.

As we got down into the pool in the evening we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset which was the cherry on top of our amazing getaway.

That night, we had one entertainment activity where the crew performed a play and a few dances. All of us slid back into our chairs while sipping on some tea or a cocktail and enjoyed the show. After it was done, some headed off towards the club and some of us went to sleep (bo-ring!).

It was definitely a getaway to remember and I have been recommending this place to all of my friends. Make sure to visit Riu and stay for at least two nights!

For more information: https://www.riu.com/en/hotel/sri-lanka/ahungalla/hotel-riu-sri-lanka/

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